The Xbox Series S is pretty low on Micromania for Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, Micromania is reducing the price of the Xbox Series S by 70 euros. A great discount on this compact console that has never been so affordable. An opportunity to wait for Christmas presents or just have fun to occupy the long winter evenings.

Released in late 2020, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is a great 100% compact and digital alternative to the Xbox Series X. Designed to handle the most demanding titles as well as the newest, it utilizes a large catalog of games. Xbox Game Pass online platform (subject to subscription). It’s still very relevant two years after its release.

For Black Friday until November 28, Micromania is offering the Xbox Series S for €229.99, an instant €70 discount, at its retail outlets and website.

A mini console with big ambitions

Known for its thin, compact and white color, the Xbox Series S is not to be confused with the Xbox Series X, which will be released in late 2020. Unlike the latter, the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive and therefore has 100 units. % digital.

Xbox Series X and its controller // Source: Maxime Claudel for Numerama

Apart from this difference, both share a similar configuration and a similar level of performance in many respects. Like the Xbox Series X, the Series S version has an 8-core AMD processor and a 512GB SSD drive, compared to 1TB for the X version.

Both consoles offer excellent image quality and fluidity as they are compatible with 4K HDR and can shoot at 120 frames per second. They also support ray tracing for more realistic lighting effects and reflections in compatible games.

As a bonus, they offer Dolby Atmos 3D sound, which allows you to be more immersed in the game world. To take advantage of this, however, you must be equipped with a suitable TV or audio system. Finally, a few things set the XBox Series S apart from its older sibling.

Xbox Game Pass: a must

The peculiarity of Xbox Series S is its 100% digital operation, the American company offers two different methods for installing compatible games:

  • Microsoft Storebuy securities individually;
  • Xbox Game Pass based on a subscription system to an extensive game library.

This second platform gives you unlimited access to a huge catalog of over 150 games. The offer is regularly updated with symbolic and recent titles. Xbox exclusives are also available on release day.

Xbox Game Pass // Source: Microsoft
Xbox Game Pass // Source: Microsoft

To access Xbox Game Pass content from Xbox Series S, Microsoft offers a choice between two subscriptions:

  • Offer Console for 9.99 euros includes over 100 Xbox-only titles per month (excluding Electronic Arts and its FIFA franchise);
  • Last offer at 12.99 euro per month also gives you access to the Electronic Arts game library and, above all, thanks to the Cloud game, it allows you to connect to your Xbox Game Pass account and stream on your computer or smartphone.

These two formulas are not mandatory and can therefore be discontinued at any time without any additional cost.

More attractive Black Friday offer

If it is primarily designed for video games, the Xbox Series S goes further and offers additional features. It then becomes an ideal asset for all those without a smart TV.

The Microsoft Xbox Series S is on sale at Micromania for Black Friday.  // Source: Micromania.
The Microsoft Xbox Series S is on sale at Micromania for Black Friday. // Source: Micromania.

Thus, the Xbox Series S allows you to browse the Internet, but also, above all, to install video streaming programs such as Netflix, Disney + or even Prime Video. Enjoy your favorite series between two gaming sessions.

For Black Friday, Micromania is offering a €70 discount on the Xbox Series S to €229.99. This console has never been more affordable since its release.

Micromania also suggests a complete formula €24.99 per month 24 months including Xbox Series S, plus access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the duration of your subscription. It’s enough to test all the biggest AAA titles on release day and exhaust the rest of the Xbox catalog before spring returns.

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