New translations and indirect receptions of ancient Greece (Texts and images, 1300-1560) (ERC AGRELITA)

New Translations and Transcriptions of Ancient Greece (Texts and Images, 1300-1560)

Study days organized by Catherine Gaullier-Bougassas (University of Lille, ALITHILA, ERC AGRELITA)


Thursday, January 19

-10:00 Welcome

-10:15 Introduction, Catherine Gaullier-Bougassas (University of Lille, ERC AGRELITA)

Session 1: Historical and geographical collections

-10.30-10.55 Nolven Kerbastard (University of Paris Nanterre), “Image of ancient Greece in Vincent’s abridged histories and chronicles (after 1328)”

-10:55-11:20 Valeria Rousseau (University of Lille, ERC AGRELITA), “The first French translation of Boccaccio’s Genealogia deorum gentilium: rediscovering the pantheon in the studio of Antoine Verard”

-11.20-11.55 Silvère Menegaldo (University of Tours), “The first French translation of the Chronicle of Diodorus Siculus by Jacques de Bréze”

11.55-12.10 Discussion

Session 2: Humanism and translation

-14:30-14:55 pm Jane Gilbert (University College London), “Ars nova music: ‘Greek’ or ‘translation’ of Greek culture in fourteenth-century France? »

-14:55-15:20 Susanna Gambino Longo (Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University), “Popularizing Greek Works for the Prince: Translations from Greek into the Vernacular from the Library of the Dukes of Este”

-15:20-15:35 Discussion

-15:35-15:50 Break

-15.50-16.15 Laurence Boulègue (University of Picardie Jules Verne), “From Ficino to Simon Silvius, the first translation of the Greek Feast into French”

-16:15-16:40 Alexia Dedieu (Alpine University of Grenoble), “Memory of Euripides, Memory of Greece: The first translations of Euripides”

-16:40-17:00 Discussion

-17:15 visit Lille Municipal Library. Opening by Jean-Jacques Vandevalle, curator and head of the Department of Heritage, and Natalie Pfister, head of the Foundation for Cultural Action and Music at the Department of Heritage. Presentation of the ERC AGRELITA team.

Friday 20 January

Session 3: Humanism and translation

-9h-9h25 Daisy Delogu (University of Chicago), “Translating Aristotle’s Economics, Towards Medieval Biopolitics”

-9h25-9h50 Olivier Delsaux (University of Saint-Louis – Brussels), “Popularization of the Greek clergy at the turn of the fifteenth century: Laurent de Premierfait, translator of Aristotle, Cicero and Boccaccio”

-9:50-10:05 Discussion

-10:05-10:20 Break

Session 4: Text-image

-10:20-10:45 Claudia Daniotti (University of Warwick), “Killing the King: Clytemnestra and the Death of Agamemnon in the Illuminated Manuscript Tradition of Laurent de Premierfait”

-10h45-11h10 Ilaria Molteni (University of Lille, ERC AGRELITA), “Guido delle Colonne in France: Translations of the historical destruction of Troiae”

-11h10-11h35 Clarisse Evrard (University of Lille, ERC AGRELITA), “Jean Pichore of Saint-Gelais Octovian: Strategies for visual translation of Ovid’s Letters”

-11.35-11.50 Discussion

Session 5: Circulation and reception

-14:00-14:25 Cléo Rager (University of Lille, ERC AGRELITA), “Translations from Greek in the Culture of the Municipal Elites of the Kingdom of France from the 14th to the 16th Century”

-14:25-14:50 Hugo Bizzarri (University of Fribourg), “The Fate of the Aesopian Fable “Wolves and Sheep” in 15th Century Spain (ch. 217)”

-14:50-15:05 Discussion

-15:05-15:20 Break

-15.20-15.45 Adele Di Lorenzo (EPHE), “Between literature, mythology and history. Dominican humanist (1426-1492) Pietro Ranzano’s description of Greece in Annals omnium temporum »

-15:45-16:10 Alice Lamy (Jules Verne University of Picardy), “The description of nature in Ancient Greece by Plato in Loys le Roy, translator of Timée (1551): a culture rich in philosophical and philological contributions from antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance »

-16:10-16:30 Discussion and conclusion

The ERC AGRELITA team is pleased to present the program of workshops “New Translations and Indirect Reception of Ancient Greece (Texts and Images, 1300-1560)”!

The AGRELITA project was launched on October 1, 2021. This is a 5-year project (2021-2026) funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement no. 101018777).

ERC AGRELITA: The Reception of Ancient Greece in Modern French Literature and the Illustrations of Manuscripts and Printed Books (1320-1550): How Fictional Memories Shaped the Identity of European Communities.

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