Our review of the Turtle Beach VelocityOne FlightStick for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC – Test and News

To accompany the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series and PC, Turtle Beach released VelocityOne Flight to provide players with high-precision flight piloting. Now, this piece of equipment is being followed by a Stick even more suitable for air combat: the VelocityOne FlightStick. We had the chance to test out this accessory that aims to make you go from Top Gun to Maverick!

First, the VelocityOne FlightStick is a joystick consisting of 27 programmable buttons, a control stick and a multi-function arm. At the base of the stick there is a ring that allows you to configure many parameters related to piloting, as well as the RGB LED lighting for the most beautiful effect. A small OLED screen is integrated into the top of the bar to provide some valuable information, but also to allow the bar to be set up independently. The quality of the plastics is very satisfactory, with some gummy surfaces Provides optimum comfort to the FlightStick. Optimally, the stick is ambidextrous, so the wrist rest can be placed on the left or right, and can even be adjusted vertically according to the size of your hand. Note that the rod can be fixed using the three screws provided. We successfully tested it in the racing cockpit and it was even more impressive.

urtle Beach VelocityOne FlightStick 8

In the skies of Flight Simulator, The VelocityOne FlightStick works wonders. The 100% recognizable stick gives an epic dimension to flights aboard fighter jets. We can only recommend you to test your skills in the Top Gun Maverick DLC, it’s simply brilliant! The stick can of course be used in airplanes, but we prefer more realistic gear like the VelocityOne Flight. Finally, FlightStick works great with the recently added helicopters. In other words, VelocityOne FlightStick can only be purchased for Flight Simulator because the presentation is satisfactory!

Then it seemed logical to launch Ace Combat 7… Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, Ace Combat 7 is not compatible with the Xbox One VelocityOne FlightStick. Hopefully a patch will come that allows players to use their new wands. The game, despite its age (released in January 2019), recently received the Top Gun Maverick DLC, let’s not despair.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne FlightStick 7

We also put the VelocityOne FlightStick through its paces with Star Wars Squadrons in a galaxy far, far away. The verdict is clear, whether on the dark side or the light side, the stick is very enjoyable and gives X-Wing vs Tie Fighter dogfights dynamism and surgical precision. We’ll even push the vice by changing the color of the backlight to match our choice between Empire and Rebels.

Compared to the classic controller, the accuracy gain is similar to what a steering wheel can provide in racing games. The amplitude of the stick, a large number of buttons and gases that can be set to the desired value make the experience more precise and more interesting. however, it takes an adjustment period to get familiar with all that FlightStick brings, but once the learning curve is over, going back is unthinkable. If we had to criticize this FlightStick, it would be its weight, a bit light. Non-slip pads can be damaged by the most fickle players, and we recommend wearing the stick as much as possible to get there without any restrictions!

In the end, it turns out to be Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne FlightStick a great choice for air combat enthusiasts it’s also a great suggestion for use in Flight Simulator in general. The quality / price / performance ratio is undoubtedly one of the best on the market today. In addition, the VelocityOne FlightStick is an upgradeable accessory. It can be completed with the VelocityOne Rudder crank set for those who want to take their simulation even further. We may have to talk about this again in a future trial. Follow us and happy flying!

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