University finances: administrators boycott board of directors

When the Board of Directors of the University of La Reunion was held on Monday, a group of administrators decided not to sit in the meeting. They criticize the bad management of the enterprise, especially the financial situation. Here is their press release:

With all responsibility, a group of administrators of the University of La Reunion decided not to enter the Board of Directors on Monday, December 12, 2022, to condemn the bad management of the Board, especially dealing with the initial budget and the employment campaign of 2023. and the difficulty of creating reasoned decisions based on transmitted documents.

It is impossible for us to have a clear picture of the situation for several months
university budget and accounting. The financial data of this council is not stable and is a cause for concern. For example, in the budget package for the preliminary budget of 2023 sent to the directors on 5 December 2022, the projections in the multiannual operations and programming table were about 99 million euros. In a new document sent at 6:28 p.m. on Sunday, December 11, 2022, the day before the council, that figure rose to around €127 million.

Our analyzes are confirmed by the analyzes of the regional budget controller in his letter
It was sent to us this Sunday as well. Information transmitted to him
At the time of writing his review on the 9th, it appeared that it had not yet been consolidated
December 2022, although they affect the general level of money.

The Chairman of the Regional Council sent a letter on Friday, December 9, 2022
Especially the administrators who indicated that his services were facing a lack of supporting documents related to requests for payment of advances of funds provided by the University. Letter from the Rector
From December 5, the administrators, went in the same direction
stating, “There is no distortion regarding the payment of the Academy and the State
University”, contrary to the approval of the management of the Institution and
The university does not demonstrate the ability to organize itself in a sustainable manner.

At the University of La Reunion, pilot failures led to a sharp decline
Cash flow since 2018 and for this the State has already notified
management of the institution. We attribute these difficulties mainly to scarcity
Expectation by the university management. Risk management
the organization seriously jeopardizes the renewal and payment of contracts
salaries of contract workers who are already the most dangerous staff
University. Research missions and payment of suppliers as well
has been suspended. These elements affected the schedule of certain courses and therefore adversely affected students.

To restore confidence in the financial information submitted and participate in the debate
Regardless of budget, we want reports to be compiled by organizations
outside the institution (especially including the report of the General Inspectorate
Funding for 2022 is still being held by the President and letters from the comptroller of the budget
in the regions over the past three years), as well as showing a generalized multi-year plan
the ability of the institution to organize itself budgetaryly and administratively
continuously, indeed as repeatedly requested by the Ministry.

We would like to emphasize that our approach is in the interest of students
and the students, staff and partners of this institution. These actors and
actresses deserve management worthy of a structure with serious and budget
about 150 million euros has a strong impact on the development of the area.

Mohamed Ait-Aarab, Brigitte Grondin-Peres, Anne Cécile Koenig-Le Ribeuz, Patrick Frouin,
Hafsah Limbada, Rachelle Mariamon, Catherine Marimoutou, Zoulfikar Mehoumoud Issop,
Yasmine Oumouri, Alexis Parmentier, Patrick Rivière, Marie Thiann-Beau Morel.

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