Buy PS5 on Medimax December 2022 – Get the console there now

MediMax can once again offer PS5 stock to some of its customers – not online, but via a local pre-order transaction.

Update 01.12.2022, 14:25: At Medimax, it’s quiet right now when it comes to PS5 restocking, at least when it comes to online discounts. But Sony has just launched a massive local pre-order promotion, and Medimax is part of it. At Medimax, you can buy PS5 directly on the site, in stores. This PS5 promotion is not limited to Medimax but applies to 10 merchants and others may still join.

If you want to know more about this huge promotion, don’t miss a single sale and always stay up to date with the current PlayStation 5 stock status, be sure to check our PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Update on 11/30/2022 at 14:04: When it comes to PS5 restoration at Medimax, calm should reign again for a while. We assume that stocks will not recover until December at the earliest after the recent decline.

Update 29.11.2022, 14:05: Medimax has extra! The distributor is now selling several packs. Here are the links:

Update 22.11.2022, 15:15: After the latest drop, Medimax should be quiet again when it comes to PS5 reassembly. We assume that despite the Black Friday week, the distributor will be interested again in December at the earliest.

But if you don’t want to miss a beat and want to stay up to date with PlayStation 5 update news, check the PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Update 14.11.2022, 14:15: On the way to Medimax! There are currently 3 PS5 bundles available – God of War, FIFA 23 + Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West with CoD Vanguard. The package must be collected from a Medimax store.

Buy PS5: Medimax offers the current console offering in PS5 Disc Edition

09.11.2022 Update: Medimax doesn’t miss the release of God of War Ragnarök and now offers a PS5 bundle with the popular action-adventure. You can purchase the pack from the retailer by clicking the link below. The full bundle, including the PS5 Disc Edition and God of War Ragnarök, will cost you €619.

  • Buy PS5 Disc Edition God of War Bundle from Medimax*.

First announcement dated 01.11.2022: Hamburg – Medimax is among Germany’s smallest PS5 providers, and yet the retailer often surprises with drops that stay active for hours at a time. With a little persistence, you can get a Sony console there very easily. However, there has been no news about the drops for several weeks. When can you expect stock at Medimax?

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
friendly Fixed game console
Generation 09th generation console
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Get out November 19, 2020

Buying a PS5 from Medimax: what are the chances of it falling off the seller?

When was Medimax last stocked? Medimax did a double delivery to our house last time. Several consoles were sold there on October 7 and 11. Drops traditionally lasted several hours and were released in dribs and drabs. But since then, Medimax has been cautious. Important links to buy console on Medimax:

When can new stock occur? Medimax is a bit of a surprise bag. Here, sometimes there is no refill for months, and then suddenly the distributor doubles the distribution. Still, Medimax is a fairly small distributor, and it’s unlikely that stocks will be higher in October. But now, in November, Medimax should be noticeably warmer again.

Buying a PS5: Tips and tricks for buying a console on Medimax

What you need to know In Medimax, drops are dispensed in the form of drops. This means that small quantities of the console are released regularly and you can buy them as you go. However, this means that the drops usually last for several hours. So, it’s worth sticking around a little longer and updating the PS5 product page regularly.

We recommend our live ticker on “Buy PS5” so you don’t miss a single drop in Germany. There we inform you about all sales and discount events related to the console.

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