Summary: Crypto Tax, Bitcoin Bubble, MetaMask and Ledger Stax…

Haro above crypto of central bankers; LedgerI’apple from Web3; MetaMask bare on privacy; Starbucks and Coke remove NFT; Circle to refuse for The stock market… Let’s go backnews of the week.

Still crypto winter for the industry

Brian Armstrong, CEO Coinbase, warned. The results for 2022 will drop very sharply in one year, about 50% or more. The turnover of the exchange may approach 3.2 billion dollars compared to 7 in 2021. Twins also, 2022 will remain a bad memory, even if the stock exchange fails to recover the $900 million frozen funds. Creation. The future of the latter is still suspended. The DCG subsidiary admits it will take time, weeks, to resolve.

For others, the passage of time is synonymous with difficulties. In crypto news this week, Circle temporarily abandons the initial public offering. Amber GroupHaving missed a fundraiser, he decided to lay off his employees. silver door also expects difficult weeks, but wants to be sure about its liquidity. Block flow raises funds to get through the cycle, but by giving up part of its valuation. Bybit was dismissed a second time without the figures being presented. And on the side traditional finance ? Some, such as Goldman Sachs, are poised to seize the opportunity. TradFi is lurking and could be one of the big winners of the crypto-finance bust.

Haro in cryptos, long live CBDC

The TradFi does not officially meet the crises experienced by its actors crypto. These potential competitors still have plenty of pitfalls in their way, including the likely tightening of regulation like fintechs before them. The monetary institutionsin turn, although they regretted the losses suffered by retail investors in their speeches, they did not hide their satisfaction.

Despite the “crypto winter” and the “irrelevance” trajectory of some tokens, including Bitcoin, François Villeroy de Galhau, Chairman of the Bank of France, calls for stronger controls. And the United States must now join this effort. Regulation in Europe will be adapted with particular consideration tax issues with new commitments for crypto platforms. on the side ECBnow we consider it BTC proved futile and speculative bubbles burst. The result? The crypto promises were an illusion and only one central bank digital currency can lead the transformation of digital finance.

ConsenSys explains itself backwards in MetaMask

Maximum guilt. ConsenSys knows it in a vacuum, its communication around revising its privacy policy has been inadequate. Expressing that he will collect without explaining himself personal information through MetaMask and Infuraparticipated in the growth of the publishing house disobedience in an industry that could do without it.

In essence, ConsenSys wanted to clarify existing practice. But the publisher also omitted to mention why and why how he used this sensitive information. He tries to fix the situation. It also announces changes to correct and remove this nasty noise data storage is limited to 7 daysand a redesign of the wallet configuration menu.

Ledger, an Apple-style wallet

Apple, the world’s most profitable terminal manufacturer, is not done inspiring. in the house of Ledger, the French unicorn, we don’t hide it. The manufacturer of physical wallets thus went in search ipod creatorTony Fadell to design his latest product, Stax.

Stax Positioned as the top of the Ledger range. And, rupture, wallet embes a bigger screen, and the Ledger operating system. “Increasing the screen size makes it easier for you, the users, to understand all your transactions, all your interactions with the blockchain,” boasts Charles Guillemet, the company’s CTO. push for democratization ?

Starbucks and Coca-Cola drink at NFT

Also with democratization Starbucks and Coca Cola. Includes developments permitted by two liquor vendors NFT. For the American coffee brand, this is an additional step through the transition to the Beta phase of the Odyssey loyalty program. The promise is new web3 marketing to approach consumers and offer them rewards embodied in non-functional cues.

For Coca-Cola, this is a festive event operation World football championship. Dubbed “Magic Fabric” and designed by digital artist GMUNK with, the collection includes 10,000 NFT. And in order to claim it, in addition to registering on the cola brand’s Fanzone page, it is necessary to have an account on the exchange.

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