Unusual. How to easily remember math formulas?

One of the hardest parts of learning math seems to be memorizing math formulas and being able to access them when we need them.

If we had a magic formula to make learning your math formulas easier, we’d give it to you right away. Unfortunately, this magic recipe does not exist. What works for one does not always work for another. But we’ll at least give you some tips that will make a difference in making it easier to memorize popular math formulas that are essential to success in math.

Are you ready to become a math expert?

There are several ways to memorize mathematical formulas. One approach might be to use a mnemonic tool, create a file, or put the formula into words to make it easier to understand and find.

Create your own fact sheet

Making a card with a mathematical formula is simple. But making your worksheet more fun will help you remember the formula it contains better.


  • eg color codes (formula in red, definition/explanation in green, exercise/case study in blue)
  • Phrases that make you think about the formula will help you remember it more easily
  • concrete examples to illustrate the formula

Use mnemonics

One way, what? mnemonic device. It is a learning technique that allows you to remember information that is usually difficult to remember.

Remember the famous: “Where is the gold or the car? remembering subordinating conjunctions. It was a mnemonic device.

The same is true in math, and you can make up your own to make them easier to remember.

Here are some to help you:

  • BREAK: No, stay is a popular phrase to remember the formula for cosine, sine, and tangent in a triangle. With the mnemonic phrase, you change it to “CAH SOH TOA”.
    The group of letters corresponding to each formula:
  • CAH: Cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse
  • SOH: Sine = Inverse/Hypotenuse
  • TOA: Tangent = Opposite/Adjacent

Are you beginning to understand the principle?

  • PEMDAS: remembering the cute black and white panda, you will remember the order in which to perform the operations: Brackets, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.

It’s up to you to create a mnemonic that suits you. The more simple and in your image they are, the more you will remember them. As with Panda, feel free to associate them with images.

Repeat the exercises over and over

In order to remember formulas, you need to understand them and nothing better than repeating and doing the exercises associated with the formula. It will be automatic soon. This is a basic exercise that will help you remember and understand mathematical formulas. Gradually, the formulas will become clearer and seem more fluid and logical to you. Set aside time each day to devote to these exercises and learning the formulas. You can start with 15 minutes, then increase, 20 and then 30 minutes and so on. The important thing is not to give up, to stop.

Express the formula in words

If you focus only on memorizing the formula, you probably won’t be able to remember it for very long. But if you understand each part of the formula and how they fit together, it will be easier to remember and find its elements. To do this, it must be expressed in words to make it easier to understand.

  • For example, you know that velocity (V) is the time it takes for an object to travel a certain distance. So, to determine speed, you need to know the distance traveled (D) and how long it takes to travel that distance

Display formulas prominently

Hang mathematical formulas on the wall of your room. Seeing them regularly will also make it easier to remember them.

Respect your head and body

Learning is never easy and requires effort. And every effort, even intellectual, requires energy. Energy is often consumed by stress and fatigue. A vicious cycle that can be stopped by adopting a simple lifestyle:

  • A balanced diet that gives your body and mind the energy it needs to work, motivate you, and excel.
  • At least 7 hours of sleep at night (8 hours would be great especially the day before the exam) to reduce your stress, rest your brain, absorb what you learned in the previous days and remember the formulas to know more easily.
  • Relaxation exercises that help relieve stress and pressure. When you feel that nothing fits anymore, that you don’t understand anything. When you start fiddling with your laptop, procrastinating, it’s time to take a break, step back, and recharge your batteries. You can combine this break with relaxation and breathing exercises, sitting in a chair, lowering your arms along the body, lowering your shoulders, breathing slowly and deeply. Repeat several times. You can help yourself with relaxation or meditation practice programs.

Mathematics is not your enemy, you must learn to master it at your own pace.

Younss Messoudi, founder of the online math course platform, “J’ai 20 en maths”

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