It was replaced by Xbox Game Pass in 2023


  • A retro-futuristic sci-fi platformer Replaced It launches with Xbox Game Pass in 2023
  • Blending cinema and action, see how free-flowing combat blends with deep dystopian storytelling.
  • Meet new faces in Phoenix-City – Friends and Foes; Listen to the sounds of the song “Rust” composed by Igor Gritsay

Replaced is back strong at the Game Awards with a brand new trailer, a closer look at Phoenix-City, the added possibilities of free-flowing combat, and another cool piece of music. Is it 2023 already?

Earlier this year, Coatsink and Thunderful made the very difficult decision to postpone Replaced. After the announcement, Sad Cat Studios was able to regroup and resume work on the game. The team is now ready to share a preview of what they saw.

Over the past year, Sad Cat has transitioned to a completely custom rendering solution. It pushes loyalty ReplacedA hybrid pixel art style takes things a step further, making visual and performance goals easier to achieve. For example, the team can now get more dynamic weather effects, more natural lighting, and finally more attractive materials.

In addition to the visuals, Sad Cat has improved the combat and platforming to deliver an exceptionally smooth gameplay experience. Hundreds of animations have been added to the game so that the developers can make sure that the characters still feel alive as they travel through the alternate America of the 80s.

All of these complex assets come together like a pixel-art movie created using the hand-crafted camera orientation that is present throughout the game.

When Coatsink and Thunderful appeared Replaced Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2021 featured a track titled “Void”. Due to the incredible response it received, Sad Cat Studios’ Igor Gritsay decided to release the new track “Rust” to match the action in this second trailer.

This time, Igor didn’t want to rely too much on the wave of modern synths and instead opted for more gravel to give the track a sense of desperation and anger, a darker tone that reflects the atmosphere of the game.

the music of Replaced incorporated into the game’s lore and inspired in part by the incredibles. underworld Soundtrack by Darren Korb. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, “Void” and “Rust” play an important role in the story of a character you’ll encounter in Phoenix-City, Veronica Dam.

As for what inspired the music, Igor isn’t limited to the 80s take on the game’s history. Replaced to be an alternative. While working on the game and composing the song “Rust”, Igor had such celebrities as Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Gunship, Mick Gordon. Predator Linkin Park on the soundtrack and even on a loop.

The screenshot has been changed

This new trailer delves deeper into the game’s lore, offering new insights into the history of Phoenix Corp. Formerly a volunteer initiative dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, this powerful organization now sees humans as disposable material to power its AI-driven operations. You will explore some of the desolate environments left behind, filled with death and danger, protected behind the supposedly safe walls of Phoenix-City.

The bright lights of Phoenix-City also await, the neon-filled streets hint at a life of comfort and prosperity. But as you bubble beneath the surface, you soon realize that the price you have to pay to maintain this illusion may be too high for anyone.

However, all is not pessimistic. During the game you will also encounter Disposals used and abandoned by the Phoenix Corp. Some of them are even willing to help you, such as Disposals leader Tempest, her loyal dog Excalibur, and an enigmatic technician known as Yo-Yo.

Players can expect high-speed stakes, intense battles, and unpredictable modes of transportation as they learn what it’s like to be human in a world where they’re valued as gifts with a price someone is always willing to pay.

We leave it up to you to think about it and think about the possibilities ahead. For now, stay tuned ReplacedStay tuned to Coatsink and Thunderful’s social channels for all the latest updates and what’s next Replaced In 2023, Xbox Series X|S will arrive with Xbox One, Windows 10/11 and Xbox Game Pass.

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