he chose the same course as Princess Delphine’s daughter

Can the two princes of Belgium study together at Maastricht University in the Netherlands? Princess Louise announced that she started her university career a few months ago at this Dutch university. He chose to enroll in the Faculty of Science, which offered a liberal arts program…a choice reminiscent of that of his cousin, Princess Dauphin’s daughter, Josephine.

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Princess Louise is studying liberal arts at Maastricht

Princess Louise of Belgium, 18, the eldest of Prince Laurent and Princess Claire, just launched her LinkedIn account. Already present on Instagram – but his account is private – he took a new step by opening a public account on the professional social network LinkedIn, as noted by SudInfo journalists.

You can see his professional career in his profile. He mentions his involvement with the Guides and Scouts of Europe since 2013 and his professional experience as a salesman at SCAPA in Antwerp. Experience in a clothing store during July 2019.

Princess Louise of Belgium is pursuing her university studies at UCM, which offers liberal arts in Maastricht. Here, surrounded by his parents and twin brothers at the wedding of his cousin Princess Maria Laura in September 2022 (Photo: Olivier Polet/ABACAPRESS.COM)

We do know that she completed her secondary education at Uccle French Lycée Jean-Monnet in Brussels, where her twin brothers Prince Aymeric and Nicolas, who will celebrate their 17th birthday next week, still attend. On the other hand, we did not know his choice of university education. Princess Laurent responded to an interview with SudInfo at the beginning of the last school year and stated that she is his daughter. “does not consider himself a public person”. Therefore, “He does not want to go to the press and say where he will study. He wants to keep it a secret.”. He had merely hinted that he was “multi-directional” to the social sciences.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find now on Linkedin that Louise from Belgium is enrolled at Maastricht University College (UCM), which is affiliated with Maastricht University’s Faculty of Science. That’s why he studies in English at this Dutch university, a few minutes from the Belgian border. UCM offers courses only in the liberal arts division. These studies are very popular in the Netherlands and not in Belgium.

Princess Louise sometimes accompanies her father to public events, but she does not want to pursue her chosen profession and hold official functions (Photo: F. Andrieu/Agencepeps/ IsopixABACAPRESS.COM)

His cousin Joséphine is pursuing similar studies in the Netherlands

Maybe Princess Louise finds herself on the same benches as her cousin, Princess Josephine O’Hare of Belgium? A few months ago, Princess Delphine revealed to HLN that her daughter Josephine had entered a university in the Netherlands, without revealing the city where the institution was located. He also noted that the courses were taught in English and that he followed a liberal arts course. We know that Princess Delphine was very close to her half-brother’s family. Princess Claire and Princess Dauphin were very involved in the last national holiday.

A liberal arts program offers students the opportunity to tackle a wide range of subjects while developing specialized knowledge in their major, often creating an a la carte curriculum. Students learn to understand complex problems and find creative solutions. UCM uses problem-based learning (PPL). APP involves starting with an academic problem and challenging the student to solve it, using a combination of small group work and individual study.

Princess Louise is 14th in line to the Belgian throne (Image: Histoires Royales)

While Princess Louise was more interested in social issues, Princess Josephine would be more interested in courses related to human rights. APP also requires taking courses in relatively small classes that encourage exchange and connections. UCM explains the structure “It’s not just a place to go for classes. It is a vibrant community where students socialize, engage in extracurricular activities and pursue common passions. This means you can thrive socially and academically and build lasting friendships. »

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