Bordeaux Montaigne University appeals

The University of Bordeaux Montaigne condemns these actions. Rebel deputies of NUPES, Louis Boyard and Carlos Martens Bilongo, gave a conference on December 7 in the closed part of the university. This was disrupted by hooded individuals and, for some, armed individuals attempting to enter the establishment.

According to the University of Bordeaux, there were about twenty hooded men armed with iron bars and chanting racist slogans. The enterprise decided to file a complaint.
Rebel MPs Louis Boyard and Carlos Martens Bilongo were holding a conference at the institution’s amphitheater in Pessac on December 7 when gunmen, identified as far-right, attempted to enter.

The employees of the security service were injured“Trying to push them back,” assure two elected officials of NUPES in a press release.they hit their heads with sticks“Enzo, the co-founder of Bordeaux youth, who organized this event, assures. The elected officials came to discuss the living conditions of students in front of an amphitheater of 400 people.

In footage shared on Twitter by MP Louis Boyard, we can see a group of men behind the door, possibly threatening and determined to break in. “They tried to enter the amphitheater to attack the public and deputies Carlos Martens Bilongo and Louis Boyar.“, – the press release says.

Hen avoided the worst, there were pensioners, young people. Can you imagine, there can be a massacre, coming to kill thirty people“, Carlos Martens launches Bilongo.”People of color like me could be targeted. I was forced out by the police. I think they wanted to attack us physically.

Police confirm their intervention after receiving a call at around 19:10. “When we arrived, they had already dispersed“, referring to the Bordeaux police, who stated that no victim has come forward. No one has been arrested or identified.

However, according to Jean-Baptiste, the police are present at the scene as spectators “No they really broke up the militants, they went into hiding a little bit, so people were almost attacked as they were going out.

On one of the boards held by these people, we can read the words of Grégoire de Fournas, a member of the National Assembly, in the assembly last month.Let them go back to Africa“. Comments he made during the intervention of illegal immigration by Carlos Martens Bilongo. Médoc’s elected RN judges this incident “is unacceptable“and it goes away from the moves.” I have nothing to do with these people, I don’t even know them. I did not see this sign, but I am not responsible“, he insists. But for Carlos Martens Bilongo, the latter has an indirect share of responsibility.”They took back his words“he insists.

For its part, the University of Bordeaux-Montagne condemns these actions “awith the greatest firmness“and filed a complaint.

“When we do these kinds of events, unfortunately, we always face the threat of intrusion by inappropriate promoters of a scientific or social event. It’s an increasingly visible presence on campuses, it’s a real problem.”

Loic Larre, President of the University of Bordeaux-Montagne

France 3 Aquitaine

He deplores the injurious climate which is the latter cause expect such disruptions with each new event organized. “Whenever this happens, we take all necessary measures.

Many fascist labels regularly flourish around the establishment. Celtic crosses in particular were approved by the university on Wednesday morning, ahead of the conference.

We are concerned about the increasing antagonism between the political extremes since the last election.

Joyce Gabus – Office of the President of the University of Bordeaux Montaigne

France 3 webcast

Louis Boyard and Carlos Martens Bilongo, for their part, announced their intention to appeal. They are also asking Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin liquidation of far-right groups. This Friday at 12:30 p.m., a rally against the extreme right is being organized in the courtyard of the University of Bordeaux-Montaign.

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