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The Witcher 3 deserves a major update more than seven years after its release. It brings the game into a new era as it adds many visual improvements, but not only. Price, release date, news, we tell you everything about this update.

Seven years after its first release, The Witcher 3 is getting a major update. He wants to improve the basic game bringing it up to current standards and bringing it into the next generation era. CD Projekt Red completely overhauls the graphics part, but also focuses on bringing some nice additions.

Release date, consoles affected, price, changes, We tell you everything about this update. Whether you are a fan of The Witcher or just want to explore the game for the occasion, this should be of great interest to you. Follow the leader!

When is The Witcher 3 Next-Gen coming out?

The Next-Gen update is available from December 14, 2022. An ideal date to enjoy the hood on long winter evenings.

The Witcher

It’s long overdue. Originally announced for 2021, its release has been continuously pushed back, CD Projekt Red had to deal with Cyberpunk 2077 before thinking about what’s next. It’s ready now.

What console is The Witcher 3 Next-Gen available on?

This is a “Next-Gen” update… so it’s available on consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as on PC.

The Witcher

If you don’t have one More so than the PS4, Xbox One or Switch, don’t panic, you also have the right to update. Graphically, the game benefits from all the other innovations in terms of gameplay, which we detail below, if only minor tweaks have been improved on these consoles.

How much is The Witcher 3 Next-Gen?

The Witcher 3 Next Gen is completely free If you already have the game and its two expansions. Let’s say you bought it in the box when it was released on PS4, reinstall it on PS4 or PS5 to download. Same thing on PC or Xbox.

The Witcher

However, an update not cross platform. If you have the game on Xbox One and now have a PS5, you should buy The Witcher 3 Full Edition on PS4 (€50). The physical version of this version for PS5 and Xbox Series will be sold in the coming months.

Is The Witcher 3 Next-Gen a remake or a remaster?

The terms Remake and Remasters are common in the video game world today, and sometimes there is a fine line between the two. The Witcher 3 Next-Gen is closer to a remaster than a remake, but in reality, is a slightly different project.

This is an “only” update. So here we have the base game released in 2015 but improved. So, no need to buy the new version Enjoying it as it is for the Remasters.

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What are the changes in this Next Gen version?

The Witcher 3 Next Gen changes a lot compared to the main title, but the most visible improvements are obviously in the graphics. First of all, all textures are remastered in 4K, as well as some animations. The title can now run on consoles 60 frames per second. The player can choose between Fidelity mode (native 4K) and Performance mode (60 FPS). For example, the classic work on the “remaster” that we saw in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. There is also compatibility with FSR2 and DLSS on PC.

The Witcher
Ray tracing brings a new dimension to the game

But The Witcher 3 doesn’t end there, as it also adds ray tracing on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, which greatly improves lighting effects and reflections. In addition, we can now rely on online backups as well as photo mode to capture beautiful shots of our adventures.

The Witcher

Improvements are not limited to the graphics part. Many game adjustments were made. For example, new camera modes have been added. Battles have also been made more dynamic with an overhaul of the spell system (Signs), filters enrich the map to avoid too much information, and it is now possible to customize the HUD. PS5 gamers are spoiled because the haptic feedback of DualSense is used to enhance immersion.

The Witcher

Finally, additional content enjoy the adventure. These are small tasks related to Netflix series. They allow you to earn armor that appears in episodes. Nothing major, but still good to take.

The Witcher
Armor from the Netflix series is available in the Update

CD Projekt Red made a video (in English) detailing all these new features:

Are The Witcher 3 expansions included in this Next-Gen Edition?

The Next-Gen update is related to the Full Edition, Contains all content released from The Witcher 3. This bonus varies from armor to base expansion. Therefore, it logically includes Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine. Remember that these are adventures that take place after the main story and each add about twenty hours of gameplay. If you purchased the base game released in 2015, later expansions, the update is also available for all content.

The Witcher

By the way, what is The Witcher?

If you’ve made it this far, you no doubt know what The Witcher 3 is all about. For others (there must be some), here’s a quick summary: The Witcher 3 is the sequel to a trilogy of action/RPG video games. The title stands out for its richness and accuracy of gameplay. But to understand where the phenomenon originates, it is necessary to take a step back.

Basically, The Witcher (Wiedźmin in VO) is a literary universe It was created by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski in the 1980s. Through several independent short stories, we follow the adventures of the witch (werewolf hunter) Geralt de Reeve as he evolves in a dark and violent fantasy world.

The Witcher

In the 1990s, the writer wrote a five-volume epic following stories. A breathtaking story that delights Great success in Poland it was so popular that it was even adapted into a TV series in 2001. But outside of the country, despite being translated into English (some short stories have also been translated into French), the license remains highly classified.

The WitcherIn 2001, The Witcher was adapted into a series by Polish TV

In 2007, everything changed. CD Projekt, a small Polish studio, releases The Witcher to the world. Acting as a sequel to the literary saga, it’s only available on PC and is causing a buzz among cRPG fans. This allows the license to recognize itself a bit, but it is reserved for a niche.

The Witcher
The Witcher (2007)

In 2011, The Witcher 2 continues to democratize the saga. This time the title is also released on consoles and the license is important in the video game industry. Consecration comes with The Witcher 3 in 2015is considered one of the best RPGs in media history and has sold over 40 million copies.

The Witcher
The Witcher 2 (2011)

That is why the popularity of the witch is now all over the world. Netflix jumped at the chance to make a series (pronounced The Witcher) has been streaming on the platform since 2019. This includes Sapkowski’s books, not games.

Witcher season 2
The Witcher on Netflix

The latter have been successful all over the world ever since. France, publisher Bragelonne regularly releases new publications and derivative books. The Witcher is perfect proof that a video game can popularize a hitherto secretive license.

Will there be more The Witcher games in the future?

The Witcher 3 was supposed to mark the end of Geralt de Reeve’s adventures. However, CD Projekt Red could not properly refuse such a juicy license, the popularity of which has not weakened over time. So that New projects are underway in the building of the Polish studio.

The fourth part has already been announced. We have very little information at this time. The only certainty: it will use Unreal Engine 5 and start a new trilogy. It could also be that it introduces an entirely new character that allows Geralt to enjoy his retirement.

The Witcher

A remake of the first part of 2007 is also ready. It is scheduled to come out after The Witcher 4 and will use its assets. This will allow players to (re)discover the founding title with new eyes. It’s worth noting that the 2007 game has aged pretty badly, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The Witcher Remake

In addition to all this, CD Projekt Red is working on a new installment of another flagship license: Cyberpunk 2077.

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