The match of the French team against England is broadcast on a giant screen

Normally this would not be new, but for this world championship in Qatar is an event. France’s game will be broadcast on the giant screen this Saturday at Les Herbiers in the Vendée. It is the first city in the department to host such programming.

More replays for the semi-finals?

A habit in the pastbut many boycott calls
and due to the weather, many cities did not consider broadcasting the matches. This time, the Herbretais Union of Merchants and Artisans is leading the festivities.

The match was set between France and England quarter final at the top starts at 8 o’clock. Other towns could follow in Les Herbiers’ footsteps. La Roche-sur-Yon and Saint-Nazaire have announced that they will host the broadcast if France qualify for the semi-finals. RSVP this weekend to see if fan zones multiply.

My France: Saving energy

A general increase in living costs, the risk of electricity or gas shortages, extreme climate events: these crises disrupt our daily lives, change our lifestyles, push us to outline new horizons. To respond to these challenges, France Bleu and are launching a major citizen consultation on energy conservation. Stop by these solutions and offer your own!

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