GTA Online update: next-gen ray tracing and other tech improvements announced, Los Santos Drug Wars expansion teased

Always faithful Grand Theft Auto Online despite its development GTA VI, Rockstar Games However, it didn’t offer any major innovations for multiplayer GTA V from this summer. Heavy comes finally, with Multi-part expansion with additions coming in December thanks to early updates.

He will show us around Blaine County in the south San Andreas and will obviously force us to co-operate with psychotropic personal development tycoons, earn more money, cars and other goods. The next patch will follow a number of improvements to the overall experiencehad profits GTA$ improved, simplified ways of navigating menus or missions and even from ray tracing about the next generation by selecting a new graphics mode Loyalty.

As we approach the end of the year, we want to once again thank our dedicated community of criminals, creators, and competitors at Grand Theft Auto Online, and give them a little insight into what’s in store for the future.

We loved seeing players share snapmatic photos of UFOs during the biggest Halloween event ever in the skies over Los Santos, represent their favorite soda brand in a battle between Sprunk and eCola, and enjoy races and modes created by talented players from around the world. Community Challenges and most recently stealing an incredible four trillion GTA$ in a special Heist Challenge.

As a reward for this amazing loot, a new car from the next GTA Online update, the retro Declasse Tahoma Coupe, will be available to all GTA Online players for a limited time later this month.

Following a series of fixes this year and as part of our commitment to improving the game through player feedback, the GTA Online December update will include many Freemode improvements and more, many of which have been suggested directly by players themselves. GTA online site.

General improvements

  • Access your favorite iFruit contacts faster: Choose which contacts to show or hide from the Interaction menu.
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte can be used to launch sales missions in all types of sessions, including invitation-based ones.
  • Take part in single-player Agatha’s Casino story missions by joining the Diamond Casino & Hotel management office (these missions previously required a minimum of two players).
  • The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will benefit from ray tracing reflections, i.e. real-time reflections on multiple surfaces, through the fidelity mode graphics settings.

Car Updates

  • Newly purchased cars will arrive at your Garage faster.
  • Some specially armed vehicles can now be used in races where appropriate. But their weapons will be disabled outside of GTA races.
  • Bicycles will be added to the list of vehicles that can be requested when you call the mechanic in the garage.
  • Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S can access Hao’s Special Works without completing the Hao Intro Run.

Economic Updates

Completing Car Sales Missions in Public Sessions will award “High Demand” bonus money, as in other cases, while Organized Contraband Sales Mission rewards will be permanently tripled.

Get what you want faster with the increased GTA$ value of Shark Dollar Packs. Starting today, all Dollar Packs will earn you 20-25% more GTA$ when purchased directly from GTA Online or in stores across platforms. For GTA+ subscribers, this increase is on top of the already existing 15% GTA$ bonus.

These experience improvements, along with other surprises, will be available when the next GTA Online update launches this month on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Discover the hidden sides of Blaine County in the first episode of a massive multi-part update that will take you exploring southern San Andreas, meeting familiar faces and a new cast of ambitious misfits out to set the world free. The soul of the people of Los Santos in its own way, a journey. You can also expect many new vehicles, events, engagement missions and more.

Thank you very much for your great contribution to the constant evolution of GTA Online and for giving us your valuable feedback. Keep it up, we just want to incorporate more of your ideas and make the GTA Online experience a little better with each update.

Expect to learn more soon…

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online 07 12 2022 screenshot 2 GTA Grand Theft Auto Online 07 12 2022 screenshot 1

Grand Theft Auto V Available from €15.99

GTA Grand Theft Auto Online Los Santos Drug Wars

Starting December 13, the Los Santos Drug War will wreak havoc with mind-blowing drugs in Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Head to Blaine County to join up with edgy Ron and a new gang of misfits fresh into town and ready to conquer the Los Santos psychotropic market. Join a coalition of ace hippies and trigger-happy bikers as you craft powerful drugs from your own giant alchemy kit on wheels in the first chapter of this new two-part story in GTA Online.

Attention: The Los Santos Drug War will bring many side effects such as new business to manage, new vehicles and missions, as well as improvements to the game experience. And all this is just the first dose; get ready for a host of additional events, including holiday-themed events, major story and gameplay updates, and more surprises.

Refresh : Rockstar Games talked a little more about the next expansion to be called Los Santos Drug War and will be released from December 13.

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