Garfield Lasagna Party Game Review (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

Garfield never eats and sleeps!

owing to Microids who sent us a physical copy of the game for media coverage and testing. Therefore, the publisher/developer gives us permission to distribute and/or use the game excerpts for our production needs and does not interfere in any way with final pricing.

► Special thanks to Bianca Turcotte, who is mainly responsible for testing the game!

An emulator of the classic big N franchise

Of all games party » available series mario party of Nintendo is probably one of the biggest contributors to establishing this type of game in the hearts of players. He follows directly in his footsteps, Microids and Balio Studio come together to propose Garfield Lasagna Party, a title that will especially interest the youngest and smallest families. We tested it and here’s what we think!

Same concept, but slightly smoother execution

If you’ve played the Mario Party games, you know how fun and exciting they are, whether you’re 7 or 77 years old. So it’s no surprise that another studio would try to use the same formula, taking the basics from Nintendo’s beloved series, but dressing it up differently. It’s understandable, and even in our opinion, there are literally hundreds of universes that could easily lend themselves to this kind of game.

GarfieldWhile he’s a pretty popular playful character, he might not be one we’d use for a party game Lasagna party. Despite its popularity, not everyone knows its universe and especially its characters. In addition to our big orange cat, the game offers three more characters from the series Odie, Nemal and Arleneand they are the only ones you will find in the game. No, you won’t even see the smiling face of friend John, the second most important character in the Garfield series… But hey…

Visually, Garfield Lasagna Party offers beautiful colorful graphics and is quite well designed. The variety of environments isn’t great, and 32 mini-games will take you to John’s house, Liz’s vet clinic, and a pizzeria that looks like Vito’s. These minigames are of all stripes, and the vast majority of them are a lot of fun. Cutting pizza slices to include 4 or more slices of pepperoni each, using a vacuum cleaner to swallow insects or collecting different objects according to the required colors, in short, fun and well thought out games.

Rather, it’s on the game board that the Lasagna Party experience gets a little kick in the flanks. Because to be completely honest, while the latter offers great possibilities, it doesn’t seem to have much to make your games really fun and exciting. Basically, there is only one game board with different squares offering different effects.

Some will let you win or buy special cards that can be played at the beginning of a turn, others will win or lose money, and some will let you win lasagna! Unlike Mario Party titles, where stars to collect are quite rare, the goal in Garfield Lasagna Party will be to collect as many lasagnas as possible to satisfy our characters’ wishes!

Having only one game board to eat is pretty ugly and will tire you out of playing pretty quickly. It wouldn’t be so bad if the mechanics and execution of game loops were a bit more present, which unfortunately isn’t the case. For younger players, these will be enjoyed for a longer period of time, but for already initiated players and fans of big-mustache franchise titles, let’s just say it will go downhill quickly.

As we mentioned a few lines here, we seem to lose our enthusiasm in execution very quickly. A turn of the game begins when a player rolls a die that determines the number of squares they can move on the game path. Once the number is determined, the other players can decide to use certain items to move as a penalty for the result. of dice, it changes the count of it. This side gets quite interesting and funny, especially when one player expects to be able to move up on the game board, but the other players suddenly slow him down!

On the contrary, the different squares offered by the game track make the game less fun. When I talk about execution, I mean the artificiality or brilliance of visual and/or sound animations. Regardless of the influence of the place we arrive at, we never feel the frivolity or excitement of getting there, except for the place that automatically makes us win lasagna without effort! What’s a little depressing is that each round will be the same as the last. Being Balio, I could bet on changing the position of the squares on the board, which would provide a mini effect of novelty.

Overall, Garfield Lasagna Party isn’t a bad game, but in its current state, it lacks the brutal variety of content that will tire you out pretty quickly. If Balio is working on DLCs that bring new game boards, it will already be more enjoyable as an overall experience. Right now, especially at around $40 CAD party it just doesn’t raise enough to justify the asking amount. Wait for it to go on sale or for additional content to be announced before heading there. Because if Balio can handle it, it’ll honestly make more sense to stuff yourself with a delicious hot lasagna!


Game Test - Score 6

What we really like

  • Nice visual presentation but a bit bland
  • A good variety of fun mini-games
  • Good game for small children or family
What we like less

  • Only one game board is available
  • The heat of game turns and the effects of special locations
  • High price against overall game content

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Please note that the version tested is the version on PS5/PS4. The game is also available on Xbox Series/One, Switch and PC.

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