Buy a PS5 at Cyberport in December – still got stock before Christmas?

Cyberport’s online store is offering the PS5 once again – and it’s part of Sony’s big pre-order promotion. Here are all the details.

Update on 02.12.2022, 13:29: Currently, the PS5 isn’t available on Cyberport – not even as part of the aforementioned PS5 pre-order deal. But that should last until December 22, and it’s quite possible that Cyberport will add some before then. If all participating dealers were already firing on all cylinders on the first day, such a long period of activity would not be necessary.

Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to Cyberport in the coming days and weeks, until December 22. Chances are there will be more promotions soon. But if you want to stay up to date with PlayStation 5 news, check the PS5 Live Ticker regularly.

Update from 12.01.2022 at 10:25: Cyberport finally has some action when it comes to stocking the PS5. Indeed, a massive pre-order campaign has been launched by Sony and Cyberport is part of it. At Cyberport you can buy PS5 online. This PS5 move is not limited to Cyberport, but applies to 10 vendors, and others may still be added.

Update 11/01/2022, 14:41: Unfortunately, we still don’t have good news about the Cyberport vendor. The PS5 was last sold a few months ago. We see no chance of a stock recovery at this time. A return, of course, would be nice, but it is very little.

Update from 09.05.2022, 09:15: Cyberport has been talked about in recent days. Domestic stock recovery may continue this week. It’s always worth going to your local Cyberport and checking out the PS5.

07/05/2022, 11:57 updateCyberport has recently made it possible to buy the PS5 in bundles at several local stores, and at a really reasonable price. Things are quiet again at the moment, but if you have a store nearby, Cyberport might be worth checking out. Perhaps other stores will follow. But there are no signs of slowing down on the internet right now.

05/05/2022, 08:45 update: Checking out the Cyberport shops might be worth it now! After selling several consoles in Berlin yesterday, other stores followed. So the PS5 went on sale at Cyberport in Leipzig. If there is a Cyberport branch in your city, go check it out and try your luck.

Buy PS5 at Cyberport in September 2022

Update from 04.05.2022, 13:07: According to reports and the well-known site MyDealz, the PS5 is being sold today at the Cyberport branch in Leipzig as a bundle with Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West for €619 on the site. This is the second known proposal so far. So if you’re in the area, try your luck.

In general, if you have a store nearby, it might be worth checking out your local Cyberport stores. Who knows, other stores don’t offer the same local promotion.

Update 04.05.2022, 10:50: It’s still silent on Amazon, but according to MyDealz, a subsidiary of Cyberport in Berlin Mitte, the PS5 is currently available in a bundle with Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West for €619. If you live or are in the area, give it a try!

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
friendly Fixed game console
Generation 09th generation console
Storage medium Blu-Ray, SSD
Get out November 19, 2020

Original post from 03/21/2022: Hamburg – You really have to keep your head under water to buy a Sony PS5. Buying a top-up is not a cashback, but a purchase of the console itself. It’s been almost a year and a half since the release of the PlayStation 5 and gamers are still fighting for every copy of the Sony PS5. Cyberport is a vendor that very few fans have on their backlist. Is Cyberport hot tip for new PS5 consoles?

Buy PS5: More than six months without restoring consoles at Cyberport

When was the last time Sony’s PS5 went on sale at Cyberport? Cyberport’s sales history doesn’t favor PS5 retail. Cyberport hasn’t had a single stock sale in 2022, and things weren’t looking good for the console retailer at the end of last year. Indeed, the last PS5 sale on Cyberport was only seven months ago. On August 17th, Cyberport was able to restore the consoles, but since then there has been a shortage.

What is the current status of Sony’s PS5 on Cyberport? Communication about the availability of Sony’s PlayStation 5 continued until the recent PS5 landing at Cyberport. It’s been more than six months since we talked about the next shipment of PS5. That’s how we skipped the Christmas period when it came to the PS5. Most other console retailers were able to showcase at least one PS5 drop during this time. The situation is equally sad when it comes to PS5 stock rumors in Cyberport. In fact, we’re not even talking about this PS5 retailer anymore.

Buy PS5: It’s unclear when Cyberport will have stock

When will Sony’s PS5 be back on sale in Cyberport? There is little chance that the PS5 will be available again from Cyberport in the near future. The numbers and data of the last few months speak clearly against Cyberport. The retailer, which hasn’t sold the new PS5 consoles in over six months, could be quietly passed over by gamers hoarding stock. It’s not clear if Cyberport has given up on PS5 trading altogether, or if it’s still likely to drop further.

If the PS5 situation in Cyberport develops, we’ll of course report back. But the generally precarious state of the PS5 does not beg in this direction. So for now, this retailer shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re looking for a new PlayStation 5. Check out the PS5 Ticker to find out when the bets are really good. We follow console news every day and sound the alarm as soon as a new console release is announced. You’ll always be well informed and never miss a single PlayStation 5 sale. *Affiliate link

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