a student decries the low temperatures at the University of Metz

Test in a down jacket with a small auxiliary heater on the side. No one wants to experience this, but students are currently experiencing it at the Saulcy campus in Metz. The situation is condemned by a second-year history undergraduate student at the University of Lorraine. According to him, the amphitheatres reserved for the parties are not like that not heated for two weeks. Result: no more than 15 degrees inside. “The shelves in front of us are frozen, there are drafts, we feel that the windows are not very well insulated”Pierre Hass describes.

“That’s why we have to put the total amount”the student explains. “We dress warmly, scarves and big jackets. So we are not very comfortable to work. What is even more folklore is that some have to come with their auxiliary heaters and turn them on from 7 in the morning to keep warm.” Problem for student concentrationPierre Hass considers. “I, I’m trying to be very fast because I don’t want to stay too long in these lectures. It’s really hard to concentrate. I hope it won’t jeopardize my year because the semester exams are very important. …”

Obsolete heating equipment

Pierre Hass contacted the management of the University of Lorraine to ask him to act as quickly as possible. “Even though the amphitheatres are closed for a while, even if we put us in small rooms to take our exams!”he claims. “Or the university calendar needs to be turned upside down. Why not do finals at another time of the year, say in the spring, when it’s less cold. Students can do it, we’re flexible enough, we’re still the Covid generation who have to fend for themselves overnight.

For its part, says the University of Lorraine “situational awareness”. “The UFR Humanities and Social Sciences building on the Saulcy campus is facing many challenges,” explains a communication from the institution. “We do everything we can to fix it“but the current context” does not work in our favor”. The university is especially equipped with “outdated” heating equipment and the SHS building is currently undergoing a major renovation. Pierre Hass assures in a message posted on Facebook, Thursday, December 8. that heating is on in buildings.

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