LIVE – France team: Watch Stephane and Giroud’s press conference

About Stephane Deschamps

“He is calm, he prepared this competition very well, with restraint, like knowing in advance what we want to do. For example, when he announced the list of players to us, he immediately said that we are going. To play in 4”.

Stephan sur Pavard

“Benjamin doesn’t play, that doesn’t stop him from training and behaving well in the group. You could certainly see that in the joyous scenes after Denmark and Poland. J “I talked to him a little bit. Obviously he’s disappointed, it’s a sporting choice. The future will tell us whether he will return or not.”

Stephan sur Giroud

“It’s fantastic, I’m not sure we really know what he’s achieved. He’s the top scorer in the history of French football. Olivier has always fought, he’s a strong character. He’s always come out of it. , he’s good in his trainers, he’s passing that on to the whole group.”

Stephen in England

“England is a very good team, solid, with a lot of arguments at the attacking level. Like many teams, fast players on the flanks, Foden, Rashford, Sterling. They were Euros and semi-finalists. World Cup finalists. They have references, in two 4-3-3 systems or 3 central defenders, can play pistons on the flanks. Generally, he plays defense with these 5 players against superior teams.”

Stephan is spot on

The assistant coach sits at the table in front of the journalists. The press conference begins.

Stefan and Giroud conf

The Blues assistant coach and his centre-forward will appear in front of the press from Doha at 14:30.

Emmanuel Macron’s new quarter-final Blues prediction

Before the 16th round of the World Cup against Poland (3-1), Emmanuel Macron, the author of a perfect forecast with the announcement of the scorers, resumed the pre-quarter prediction game with Poland.’England. He told RTL that “I have no doubts that we will win. I am not counting yet (…) but I think we are winning.” The President of the Republic will give his exact prediction, but he expects “the day before or the day before” because he has to look at the match sheet.

France-Poland: Varane raised his voice at the break

“Manchester United” defender Raphael Varane, dissatisfied with the performance of the “blues” in the first half, urged his teammates to do the same during the France-Poland break, reports L’Équipe.

“We are in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, we are living a dream, but if we continue like this, this dream could end at any moment,” he told his partners in the dressing room. The difference thanks to Olivier Giroud’s goal.

Varane added: “We’re not trying for each other, we’re not replacing ourselves. I’m not targeting anybody, guys, I’m thinking about everybody. You’ve got to show something else.” The Blues eventually won 3-1 after a more controlled second leg.

There is no giant screen in Lille for the Blues final

Contacting RMC Sport, the city hall of Lille confirmed that it will not broadcast the next matches of the World Cup even if the French team is in the final. The services recalled the content of the press release justifying the decision to boycott the broadcast of the games during the World Cup held in Qatar on September 30. (JB)

Declaration of the Municipal Council of Lille – 30 September 2022

The next football world championship will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, 2022. We believe that holding this event in this country is nonsense in many ways:
– Nonsense in front of human rights was violated for the organization of this World Cup. At least 6,500 migrant workers died building the stadiums and infrastructure, not to mention the harshly suppressed rights of women and LGBT people.
– It’s environmental nonsense with air-conditioned stadiums and grass grown in the middle of the desert.
– Sports nonsense in front of an event that embodies the caricature of the sports business by being located in this space.

Therefore, the city of Lille does not like the organization of this world championship. We will not build a giant screen of an event that we refuse to support, we will not paint our city in its colors.

FFF’s appeal regarding Grizma’s goal against Tunisia was not satisfied

FIFA has just announced that the Blues have rejected Griezmann’s appeal after last Wednesday’s 1-0 goal against Tunisia was disallowed. Thus, the defeat of France is confirmed. “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has rejected the complaint submitted by the French Football Association regarding the Tunisia-France FIFA World Cup match played on November 30,” FIFA said in a statement without giving further details.

More information here.

A day off for the Blues after qualifying

The players of the French team benefit from their first day off after arriving in Qatar this Monday. They were given free time this afternoon.

For the first time since arriving in Doha, the Blues were allowed to leave their base camp. Some took the opportunity to go shopping, while others preferred to go into town for lunch. Many stayed quietly in the hotel with their families.

The players will be expected for dinner at 20:30 at their hotel in Al Messila.

Fabrice Hawkins

Cash believes Walker can stop Mbappe

Poland defender Matty Cash warns Kylian Mbappe ahead of Saturday’s quarter-final against England (20.00). The “Aston Villa” player, who faced the “hardest opponent” who “burned his legs”, went through hell in the 1/8 finals.

However, he thinks Kyle Walker, who is “quick” like the French striker, can stop him. “He’s the best right-back in England and has more experience than me, analyzes the Daily Mail comments. I don’t need to tell him anything. So if anyone wants to stop Mbappe, Kyle Walker is the man.”

More information here.

Paris pubs are in for a storm

Since the start of the World Cup, Paris pubs, which have been well-stocked especially for matches between France and England, are preparing to host a huge football crowd for the quarter-final between the Blues and the Three Lions. The day and the hour lend themselves to it.

At 20.00 on Saturday, Paris pubs are usually full during the day and also during the World Cup. Add a poster between neighbors (or rivals) and you’ve got a huge crowd waiting for the quarter-finals. “It’s the final before the hour,” we rejoice bomber, a pub in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. “It will definitely be full because on Sunday people were coming for lunch from 1pm and stayed until the end of the England-Senegal match.” The establishment, which can accommodate “50 seated, 150 standing,” doesn’t take reservations on game nights, even if many call.

And so it is Bowler, in the 8th district. “It was protected yesterday,” said an official. “We’ve been getting a lot of booking requests for this match and since the World Cup started.” not far from here Liberty Pub A size of 150 people should also be reached from Rue Berri. A double is expected Long HopAnother establishment in the 5th arrondissement that takes reservations for large tables

“We’re already sold out for Saturday night,” warns pub manager Sarah, “and she hasn’t heard of the poster since last week. Our waiter couldn’t even walk down the stairs yesterday.” The pub, which usually welcomes a strong British clientele, will open its doors at midday to boost the atmosphere ahead of quarter. “The tables for the semi-finals and the final have already been allocated,” he said.

Mbappe and FFF have not been sanctioned by FIFA

Kylian Mbappé had to appear in a press conference after receiving the trophy for the best player against Australia (4-1) and Denmark (2-1).

The FFF could therefore have been fined €20,000 (€10,000 per game) by FIFA. This is not so. The French Football Federation simply received a warning, as explained by Le Parisien.

As for the complaint sent by the Federation after Antoine Griezmann’s disallowed goal against Tunisia (0-1), FIFA has not yet responded.

Fabrice Hawkins

“You did well to bring three right-backs, Gareth!”, the English press was already terrorized by Mbappé

If England’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup on Sunday at the expense of Senegal became the front page of all the English newspapers this Monday morning, the XXL performance of his future opponent in the quarters Kylian Mbappe with the French team against Poland (3-1) did not calm him down.

>> You can read the English press review here

New spectator card for Blues

The French team continues a very good world championship on the ground and in the rankings. Sunday’s 1/8 victory over Poland (3:1) attracted 14.32 million viewers in front of TF1. The audience share is also impressive, as it is 68.9%. It is the best audience of this year. Another Blues broadcaster, beIN Sports, does not release results.

Rice warns the Blues

The England midfielder delivers a shock performance against the Blues, assuring his team that “other nations can start to fear”. He also tasted this shock that showed itself after a few days: “France-England in the 1/4 finals, which one is better?”

More information here.

The English are already afraid of Mbappe

After qualifying, the English players immediately marked the main threat of the reigning world champions: Kylian Mbappe. “He’s probably the best player in the world,” especially Bellingham, who Southgate described as a “world-class player”.

More information here.


Welcome to our live coverage of the 2022 World Cup 2022 quarter-final match between France and England starting from Qatar this Saturday at 20:00. Before the Three Lions beat Senegal, without forcing their talents, the Blues punched their ticket past Poland thanks to the great Mbappe.

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