The death of Bitcoin: How the ECB is trying to bury the king of cryptocurrencies (still)

Obsessive ECB disorder? – Sites that give number of announced bitcoin (BTC) deaths determine when not far 500 obituaries The king of cryptocurrencies since its inception in January 2009 European Central Bank (BCE) just added his stone to the mortuary building (prematurely). Its representatives often talk to us (and always in bad shape) decentralized cryptocurrencies that almost make you wonder where it is obsession. The answer at the end (obviously).

BTC is so “insignificant” that bankers keep talking about it

The European Central Bank he just did the detractors a favor Bitcoin. He just posted on his blog condensed of all clichés possible and imaginable in the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin’s Last Battle”the title is promising.

The ECB seems strange continue about something he’s already thinking about dead. current stabilization and after Bitcoin price resistance FTX disasterso there will be only one “last breath” before “irrelevance”. That’s it!

“The apparent stabilization of Bitcoin’s value is probably the artificially induced last gasp before the cryptocurrency goes down the path of insignificance. The ECB blog examines the state of Bitcoin amid widespread volatility in the cryptocurrency market. »

Twitter account @ecb

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A contest of clichés, each more demagogic than the other

“The Last Battle”…before Victoire bitcoin, maybe? Anyway, when you see it Double-digit inflation in the EurozoneI wonder if the single currency will not have big problems? before Invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. In particular, as we will remember, the president of the ECB, Christine LagardeI didn’t see that coming inflation “out of nowhere”.

The first criticism cited: Bitcoin will “rarely used” for legal transactions. Whose fault is it? Almost all governments ( Salvador with obvious exception) to apply prohibitive taxes (due to its cost and complexity) on the use of cryptocurrencies. For example, in France, 30%capital gains taxand these should be calculated with each purchase A coffee or a loaf of bread in BTC: super practical and not at all obnoxious or confiscating (sarcasm when you can get us).

Another cliché: Bitcoin a “Unprecedented Pollutant”. It always sells by pulling the ecological strings. We are not going to waste time here to answer this question again. Thought receivedthey are the evidence of its usefulness is overwhelming to its exaggerated “pollution”, has been repeatedly discussed.

ECB Takes: ‘Bitcoin Is Dead’ Is Gone

In addition, at the same time, it should be noted that the ECB has a sufficient train do not be late. Indeed, it is very fashionable to predict the “Death” of Bitcoin during peaks about the lessons. During bull run of 2017 (124 dead) and 2021 (47 dead).

Interesting, intensity These advertising purposes generally at the lowest level when alt is precisely achieved with stable (market bottom) BTC prices. Even explosion FTX It recently failed to reverse doomsday predictions for Bitcoin (thankfully the ECB is here for that).

Hey no, Bitcoin is not dead yet!
Bitcoin has already announced 467 deaths, including the ECB. – Source:

But when it comes to Bitcoin, it’s not a problem for the European Central Bank to hit the emergency. After all, it’s his exclusive privilege to coins (and rotate the printer) that is here threatens by the most respected of cryptocurrencies. However, if bitcoin is promised to disappear, why Does Christine Lagarde already want MiCA II regulation?, will the first MiCA regulation not come into effect before 2024? Bitcoin and its less “insignificant” decentralized brethren should be long dead in ECB logic, right?

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