The Chant – Survival horror presented by Nikos?

Make a cult, play with crystals and you will get a horror game that combines action and puzzle!

Song is a title that tickled my mind as soon as I saw the first press release in my overloaded inbox. Admittedly, I have a passion for horror games, so when I see a title that evokes old-school Resident Evil or Silent Hill with puzzles and action, I say: why not? And then hey, the summary in the background of spirituality is a little more original than the average game of the genre.

Check Lara’s height

In The Chant, we’ll be portraying Jess, who is still reeling from the loss of her sister. She is invited to a mysterious island by her friend Kim, but upon arrival she realizes that all is not well in the area. You don’t need to be born yesterday to understand that the region reeks of sectarianism. Generally when you go down to the pampas you are asked to change into white and shoes are optional as it allows you to connect with the earth… Cocktails and swimming in the pool because you are not here. This is quickly confirmed by a meeting with local chef Tyler. Just before putting down her things and changing her clothes, Jess is invited to drink herbal tea. Doubtful, because it’s not tea time. As you can imagine, it was a ritual that goes so wrong that it evokes a dimension of cosmic terror. But thanks to Skippy, I discovered complete cosmic freedom of thought towards a new age reminiscent of… Sorry, I digress. In the end, it’s a sliding party and Stranger Things kicks in: yes, you’ll discover the presence of portals and strange monsters that want our skin. Because Jess is beautiful, she will use her spiritual retreat to save a few members of the cult and close the door to this very rotten parallel dimension.

Will we be snapping our fingers when we have the 5 infinity stones?

You should know that the story of “The Chant” starts fast, we jump right into the deep end, maybe even a little too soon, to the point where we don’t even have time to figure out what’s going on. . Finally, anyway, at the end of his controller, the player is a little lost, because the characters, they are quiet. Jess is rarely shocked by what’s going on, and the others… Well, the others are under the bearded man’s command, already completely brainwashed. On the whole, the story is a bit far-fetched, the explanations are quite missed and in the end, we can’t say that the script is overtly transcendent. It all seems like a nice excuse to get together in a small group on an isolated island to release more monsters into the wild. Why not in a pinch… Only it lacks fear and we rarely get angry while playing The Chant.

Close your mouth while sleeping

The Chant offers an action/spectacle mix with TPS-like gameplay. We get the impression of being in a small open world, but in the end it’s not, we basically have to follow a corridor with several passages for the purposes of the story. It takes a lot of reading to find the best one that will allow you to find weak points in the types of enemies you will face. There is much that is highlighted in The Chant. For example, while paying attention to the state of our physical fatigue, we will need to monitor our mental health. There is also a spirit bar that allows us to recharge our energy with meditation. We can also make items like a sage stick that will repel enemies from the shadows. And it will be necessary to play with crystals. Unfortunately, the battles are very repetitive and sudden, causing a bit of insomnia.

More powerful than Thanos

The atmosphere offered at The Chant is successful. We want to immerse ourselves in this story and see what it has to offer. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. Graphically it blows hot and cold. The cinematics are decent enough, but the abuse of grain to make it look “70s movie” hides a bit of unhappiness when you play. We can see that 3D models, like animations, are limited. Overall, it still holds up, which is pretty decent for this kind of game. Too bad the soundtrack is a little behind. The music, for example, sometimes lacks bite or mood. The sound effects try to make us jump from time to time, but that’s about it. Finally, while it’s nice to play games with French dubbing, sometimes the acting lacks conviction. As I said above, the gameplay is quite enjoyable, although the excess of action is a bit annoying. Finally, in terms of lifespan, it will get around 6/7 hours of gameplay on normal mode.

What, do I need to shave my head?

Chant is a proper title in its genre. It doesn’t have any major flaws, but it doesn’t have any major qualities that stand out. The premise is good, the whole thing isn’t bad to watch, but the general lack of unnecessary action and scary moments spoils the final experience a bit.

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