Turtle Beach Atom Controller – Atomic bomb!

After the Recon Cloud, a new model from Turtle Beach also designed for Cloud Gaming: the Atom controller!

After the recent release of the Recon Cloud, a classic controller (a carbon copy of the Recon Controller) with an integrated clip to hold your smartphone and play like on your console, Turtle Beach now offers us the Atom model. This very compact controller attaches to all sides of your smartphone and let’s play as if we were on Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. Xbox owners or Xbox Game Pass subscribers know that Cloud Gaming is a great option for playing remotely or simply elsewhere in the home when the TV is busy. Turtle Beach understood this well and created an Xbox-labeled Atom controller with a black and yellow model. And we had a chance to test this model.

Beautiful design

The Atom controller, called the Atom Controller, is available in 3 colors: Black and Blue, Red and Black, and finally our very cool Black and Yellow model. On the left side of this model is a small button with the Xbox logo that will be used to fire up the beast. As a bonus, this version includes a code to access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one month. The packaging is discreet and very small. It includes the controller, a small carrying case with the Turtle Beach logo, and a 1 meter USB-C to USB-A cable that will be used for charging. The strong point of this controller is its design. Most of the competing controllers of the same type are accordion-style: we pull the handles, slide our smartphone, and after releasing them, the handles are held. This is not the case with Atom, which offers two independent modules.

In travel mode or for charging

Each module can be detached and attached to either end of the phone. However, when you are not playing and thanks to the presence of small magnets, the two modules fit together and can be stored in your pocket or bag. It’s a hell of a space saver. It is very easy to connect or disconnect them. When you want to play, just detach the modules and use the clips integrated into each of them to attach your smartphone to them. Don’t worry, there’s a good chance your phone will fit the Atom controller: we can have clearance ranging from 67 to 92mm. I used the Google Pixel 7 Pro, which is quite large and fits very well even in the protective case. Turtle Beach had the good idea to add rubber protectors where the grips come into contact with the phone to prevent scratches.

Box Contents: Atom is stored in a carrying case

Atom handling is really good. This of course depends on the size of our smartphone, but overall, it really feels like playing on a portable console with Xbox-style button mapping. The grips are thicker than average compared to competing controllers. The sticks are similar in size to regular controllers, there are also multi-directional cross, ABXY buttons, in short, it looks like an Xbox controller with a phone screen in the middle. The Atom weighs in at a tiny 180 grams on the scales and is very light. Not a controller that will give you cramps.

The only way to fully charge in 2 hours 30

The connection to the phone is carried out directly via Bluetooth, and the two modules are connected by Turtle Beach 2.4 Ghz technology. I experienced no lag between the moment I pressed the button and the action on the screen. After that, it will depend a lot on your internet connection for the game in streaming with Xbox Game Pass or even through other catalogs like GeForce Now or Steam Link. Please note that the Atom controller is only compatible with devices running at least Android 8.0. If you have an old Android phone or iPhone, go for it. As for the battery, you can play for about 20 hours on a full charge. This is a very honorable account, we have a long way to go before the battery dies. To recharge the controller, you must… stop playing. Indeed, to charge, you need to fix the two modules together in travel mode, because there is only one USB port on the left. Personally, it did not bother me, but you should know that in case of “blackout” you will not be able to download and play at the same time. It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to fully charge.

Convenient to play anywhere!

Finally, Turtle Beach Atom focuses on its offering by offering a companion app. This app, available on the Play Store, allows you to configure the controller, such as calibrating the stick or updating the hardware. With a price of 99.99 euros, we can say that the quality is there and we get what we pay for. With a truly successful design and pleasant grip, the Atom controller makes you want to play on the go whenever you have free time. A real little Atomic bomb!

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