Training News – November 2022

Universities and Grandes Ecoles offer many new programs for 2023. And in several institutions, the LGBT+ commitment charter makes a notable entry. Find out about the training news with the Student meeting offered from the beginning of the 2022 academic year.

New courses in Lille (59), art training, but also a commitment to LGBT + rights, the news is rich on the side of higher education for this month of November 2022.

Drawing and original television formats

On the side of Angoulême (16), the capital of world comics, Drawing training opens at the beginning of the 2023 academic year. Led by the Émile Cohl School, which established storyboard and layout training in Angoulême last year, this atypical training will teach students the basics of academic drawing, while also enhancing their knowledge. cultural industries describe occupations.

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The University of Côte d’Azur (06) also offers a new international university degree, the Master’s degree. This “mastering tomorrow’s television formats: creation and development” course will educate French and international students new original TV formats. Aim: to respond to the talent shortage faced by professionals in the sector. The one-year bilingual course will consist of academic courses taught by teacher-researchers and practical classes led by professionals from Banijay manufacturing companies. It will be punctuated regularly masterclasses, themed seminars and immersion sessions within the flagship events of Cannes events.

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Universities and colleges are committed to LGBT+ rights

Let’s go a little higher with a topic that applies to all of higher education. in October, six companies have signed a commitment charter in favor of the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace, initiated by the association L’autre Cercle. Objective: to call for specific policies in favor of an inclusive working and educational environment for all LGBT+ staff, teachers and students. L’University of Lorraine, University of Montpellier, Montpellier Business School, Kedge, EM Normandie and Centrale Nantes can start a movement that will grow.

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Three new courses in Lille

With less than two months to go until the opening of Parcoursup, new training courses are springing up in Lille. The Faculty of Law of the Catholic University and Edhec joined a double international degree in law and finance. This five-year training, accessible post-baccalaureate, is planned for the start of the 2023 academic year.

Also, for 2023, the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Lille is creating a “journalism professions” license. This is a three-year course preparing to enter a master’s degree in journalism or a Grande Ecole. On the program: in addition to training in journalism subjects, preparation for journalism competitions and higher education based on fundamental lessons in humanities.

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Do you communicate more? Iscom Lille is launching an “international communication” course dedicated to 360° communication, accessible from the third year of study. It helps develop this program, which is taught entirely in English communication of major brands, understand the cultural characteristics of English-speaking countries, integrate Anglo-Saxon communication mechanisms and build an international professional network.

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He’s going to Canada

Let’s make a big leap from Lille to Canada. The engineering school CentraleSupélec (91) has partnered with McGill University in Quebec for a four-year and entirely English-language “Global Engineering Bachelor”. The first two years are spent at the CentraleSupélec campus in Saclay to build a scientific base, followed by two years of engineering at McGill University in Montreal. To join the first class of 70 students in spring 2023, you can apply now on the CentraleSupélec website or Parcoursup.

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