Earth University (UNESCO) – Let’s reinvent our cities

November 27, 2022: what will our cities and homes look like in the coming decades? How will we live with global warming?… These topics formed the basis of the US 50 debate and round university. This is the 17the edition was held on 25 and 26 November 2022 at the UNESCO headquarters in the heart of Paris with ten thousand participants and three hundred speakers from all fields of expertise.

Agnès Sinai, a lecturer at Sciences Po, jokingly sets the tone for the climate challenge: “Our civilization will make skiing possible in Saudi Arabia and impossible in the Alps”.

In the central region of urbanization, a speaker mentioned that following the current slope, the world’s three most populated metropolises by 2100 may be Lagos (Nigeria), Dar-es-Salam (Tanzania), and Kinshasa (Congo). ), each with a population of 80 million. Suffice it to say the scale of the issue.

Building new or improving the old?

As for the Western Hemisphere, Agnes Sinai points out that rather than over-metropolitanizing by forcing us to build tens of thousands of residential buildings in metropolises, it would be better to repair what exists and above all to revitalize small towns and villages. , including the historic centers are now empty and abandoned.

“There is nothing more disastrous and reducing than the taste of demolition. He who destroys his house, destroys his family; He who destroys his city destroys his country; He who destroys his house destroys his name. It is an old honor in old stones.” takes us off the edge of Victor Hugo.

Christine Leconte, president of the National Council of the Order of Architects, agrees with the proposal, which applies to all construction: “Rather than building something new, it is important to restore and adapt what is already there! » The mayor of Versailles, François de Mazier, shares this view, especially since the building’s main greenhouse gas emissions occur during its construction. So don’t tear down the old one when you get this quality one!

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