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Emmanuel Macron has arrived in the United States for a state visit

Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington on Tuesday night for a state visit that will mix the pomp of the White House with Joe Biden for strategic discussions on the war in Ukraine and US trade protectionism. The French president is set to discuss with his American counterpart a major plan to support the energy transition, with generous subsidies for electric vehicles, batteries or renewable energies. “Made in America”.

Before Emmanuel Macron’s departure, in front of the big bosses of the two countries who were received for dinner at the Elysée, according to the presidency, this law “On the right track, in favor of ecological transition”but includes “Protective measures causing major problems for European industrialists”.

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“To deal with this, he insisted on the importance of a concerted European response and the adoption of the Buy Europe Act.”The products produced in the Old Continent will be preferred, he announced his services. And Paris talked about the possibility of seizure in recent days “exceptions” to the IRA for some European industries, we also know that this will not change the architecture of this important plan for Joe Biden’s balance sheet.

Channel: On the French side, 240 migrants were rescued at sea in the last 24 hours

In several separate operations between Monday and Tuesday, around 240 migrants trying to reach Britain on makeshift boats were rescued at sea and brought back to French shores. A rescue boat at sea initially rescued 23 people off the coast of Calais overnight, the Channel and North Sea Prefecture (Premar) said in a press release.

“early in the morning”A French Navy patrol boat later assisted 61 people in distress near Leffrinckoucke (Pas-de-Calais), before recovering in the same sector, “34 Accidents” another boat, the Premar, continues. All were disembarked at the port of Calais and taken into custody by firefighters and border police. Later in the morning, a maritime patrol boat, engaged with another boat in distress off the coast of Calais, discovered it. “All the passengers are at sea, clinging to their sinking boat”, says Premar. Using a semi-rigid, the crew took 61 people, including ” several are hypothermic “. These victims were landed at the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer and managed by the emergency services.

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The final operation allowed the rescue of another 61 people at Calais, who were eventually brought to Dunkirk. The sea route between France and England is one of the busiest in the world. “More than 400 merchant ships pass through there every day and the weather is often difficult”, according to the maritime prefecture. However, more and more exiles are attempting this transition. This year, more than 40,000 migrants crossed the English Channel in small boats, which is a record.

Twitter is no longer fighting Covid disinformation

Gone are the days of promises and assurances: Elon Musk has begun cracking down on content moderation on Twitter, from mass reinstatement of banned accounts to an end to the fight against Covid misinformation. “As of November 23, 2022, Twitter will no longer enforce the Covid-19 Misrepresentation Policy”It points to a very rare and very brief press release from the San Francisco company, which was not released by the American press until Tuesday.

Like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Twitter had specific rules to combat fake health information during the pandemic. The platform specifically decided to report and delete messages containing misinformation about Covid vaccines, then suspend related accounts after five warnings. “We believe this opt-out system will educate the public about our policies and better reduce the spread of potentially harmful or inaccurate information on Twitter.”explained the social network in March 2021.

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But Elon Musk, who has been the owner and head of the platform for a month, is a supporter of an absolute view of freedom of expression. And he has never hidden his views on the health restrictions imposed during the pandemic, particularly the temporary shutdown of the Tesla factory in California. After taking over Twitter and between the two debacle, the multi-billionaire tried to calm NGOs and advertisers who feared the spread of toxic content (hate speech, disinformation, etc.).

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