smiles Tchouameni, the young owner of the Blues

The World Cup bomber is not relishing the restrictive role entrusted to him by Real Madrid and Blues midfielder Didier Deschamps.

Special envoy to Doha

Aurélien tours Tchouamen. Whether on the pitch, with the Blues and Real Madrid, or in front of the microphones, the Rouen native exudes the same ease, the same sense of ease. Despite his young age (22 years) and relative lack of experience (16 caps, 1 goal) after the packages of the Kante / Pogba double, everything is going well with Tchouameni, who is already important in the French team. And a beacon for the younger generation within the French group, a leader? “What does this ultimately mean? I have 16 options. I try to gain as much experience as possible. Looking at the table, there are more players in the youth category with whom I have played. A new generation is growing up. After that, the leader of this generation, no, not necessarily, but I hope that I still have a minimum in the team.“, smiled the former Monegasque ahead of France-Tunisia this Monday (Tuesday at 16.00).

Usually, it is the captain who is invited to speak alongside Didier Deschamps in D-1. The Blues are already certain to qualify and will almost certainly top their group, with the manager likely to make a significant turnover. It remains to be seen whether Tchouameni, who has played in the last eight matches for France, including seven as a starter, will feature in this rotation. “He will not be the captain“Simply defined Deschamps. “Personally, I would like to continue, we will see what the coach will decide“, the interested party is smiling, waiting to be met with”a strong, gritty team, with talented, technical players, capable of a lot of intensity.“. In an atmosphere where everything is definitely in favor of the Eagles of Carthage, their supporters “came to Qatar in large numbers. We will have a good atmosphere and we live for this kind of match, so we are happy“Delighted to discover World Cup, Tchouameni swears”something unique, there are many things that have changed“.

As a guard requires more alertness, we need to balance the team more.

Aurelien Tchouameni

Even if Deschamps chooses to trust him with a costume that can look shoddy from a distance, especially in terms of projection. Tchouameni is Blues’ keeper for this campaign. “There is a difference between a watchman and a torchbearer. As a guard requires more alertness, we need to balance the team more. Inevitably, sometimes in the match I want to go, but I say “no” to myself, because I know that I have to be in the back, if there is a counter-attack. It’s a role close to my heart, I’m happy to have it. If everything goes well for us from the moment we win, so much the better if everyone plays their part“, emphasizes Tchouameni, describes a “very good deal» With and by Adrien Rabiot «was affectedAccording to Antoine Griezmann’s game volume.

No disappointment

A topic already mentioned after the victory over Denmark (2-1) by the Sentinel, the torchbearer, the former Girondins player. “I feel good, I think I got stronger between the first and second game. It was a match that demanded other things. After that, I have the qualities to do many things, but the coach requires me to respect a very specific role above all else. Sometimes he inevitably becomes a little sober… But you have to respect him. This is the most important thing from the moment I help the team“he pointed out.

And it should be added that he smiles with his usual ease about the possible feeling of frustration with this role, which deprives him of more climbing, more touching of the ball in the danger zone: “If we win the World Cup… No. Like it or not, as the head coach said, I can do many things, but depending on the opponent and the players in the team, how you have to do something else, that’s what I do. If you need to do it for the team, no problem! A more offensive entry? Yes, by the way, Antoine (Griezmann) missed one of my passes (smiles). That is right. After the Mach game against Australia, we had to pay a little more attention to transitions. This time it was a little lower on the field, less space, but of course I was able to show a little more attacking qualities. After that, it will depend on the physiognomy of the matches. If I have to stay a little lower, it has to be done.»

We hope to be able to perform a small concert program before the end of the competition.

Aurelien Tchouameni

Given the forces present and absent, it is indeed in this register that Didier Deschamps and Aurelien Tchouameni are most needed by the Blues. That may be the case against Tunisia, but certainly in the 8th. It is not yet known whether he will be against Leo Messi, France’s four potential opponents, Argentina, Poland, Mexico or Saudi Arabia. “There is no preference. There will definitely be the best teams in the 1/8 finals. You have no right to hide. After some time you will definitely have big teams. Argentina, Poland, Mexico: we will be ready“, affirms under oath that,”The starting 11 (Monday) will be ready to put on their best face and do whatever it takes to win.“.

Among them could be Eduardo Camavinga in the left-back position. After Lucas Hernandez’s injury, Deschamps has no clear choice if he wants to breathe life into Theo Hernandez. “I haven’t seen Cama’s skills on the left. That’s why I’m not a coachTchouameni, whose talents as a pianist we discovered in a video (see above), smiles. “That wasn’t bad, was it? I’ve never done that in my life. It’s the first time, he says. When I made the video, I studied the voice for 24 hours. This is not bad. We have a good group life. There is a variety of pole, poker, cards/uno and musicals. We hope to be able to perform a small concert program before the end of the competition.» Chicken? The further the Blues advance in the 2022 World Cup, the more time Aurélien Tchouameni will need to improve. All are useful.

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