Reorientation: how to continue your bachelor studies after bac+2?

You can choose to enter university after two years of BTS or preparation. Two-year license holders can also redirect to another license record.

After Bac+2, bridges are common, Christophe Delevacq, head of service for cooperation with companies and professional integration at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, testifies. “It happens every year. A lot of students call us, especially pre-med.”

Developers benefit from contracts with universities. Also, their students are enrolled in the license at the same time. “These contracts, which exist in all preparatory schools, allow ECTS to be approved. The goal is that a preparatory course student who does not want to go to school can be. rapidly integrates the university system“, defines Christophe Delevacq.

Prepare a license after training, a “plan B” after competitions

Graduates of Economics and Commercial Preparatory Courses (ECC) have direct entry doors to License 3 in economics. “Preparatory literature and social science (B/L) students can also do very well in economics because they have a background in math. That’s great,s gateways open the way for those who do not pass the races“, adds François Mirabel, director of the SCUIO (general university information and orientation service) of the University of Montpellier.

Students aiming for ENS in literary preparation and D1 and D2 preparation can also do so refer to the university. Since the École Normale Supérieure is very selective, many students choose another path. “There are equivalents for D1 and D2 preparations. In particular, they have access to the third year of a license in eco-management or law”, describes Claude Fédière, coordinator of the preparatory ATS (superior technician in regulation) at Bessières National School of Commerce (ENC).

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BTS to general license, possible but not automatic

If you are in BTS, you can also integrate university studies. “It’s possible, but not obvious or automatic because The logic of BTS is to work after two years“, warns Christophe Delevacq. Your admission will not be guaranteed, the study commission of the license will study your file.

If you have not acquired the same knowledge, the university will offer you entry into the second year of your undergraduate studies. “In BTS accounting and management, some good students enter the Accounting, Controlling, Auditing (CCA) 3 course. But those who want to go to economics or law often return to the L2 level,” emphasizes Claude Fédière.

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A professional license more suitable for BTS graduates

Pedagogy is also different because BTS emphasizes experience while a license has more theory and a few internships. After the BTS, the most natural way to enter the university will be a professional license.

Héloise, 21, has experienced both types of licenses. After a BTS in nutrition, she joined a professional license in food marketing and communication with claims. Then he chose to move towards a bachelor’s degree in health sciences with health facilities, was able to join in the second year. A situation that remains quite exceptional given the selectivity of L.AS health sciences.

“We can work with bac+2, but bac+3 opens more doors. The extra year allowed me to gain more knowledge, practice and explore other areas of the profession,” says Héloise.

The young woman confirms: pro license is more suitable for BTS graduates. “It’s a perfect mix between BTS and a general license,” said the student.

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Switch to another license after L2: show your motivation

There are also students who already have license 2 in the university option to switch to another license in the third year if they wish. As for BTS students, admission is not automatic. The student should write a motivational letter to explain the skills they can use in their new training.

“Gateways are made individually in each case, a well-defined and structured project is needed“, explains Christophe Delevacq. A university may, for example, ask a student to take additional courses to fill gaps in a new field.

If the new license referenced is close enough to the old one, student can be admitted in L3. This is the case, for example, for moving from a license 2 in economics to a license 3 in NPP (economic and social management).

Continue at license level 2 to avoid failure

If the domain is too far, the pedagogical committee can offer to join license 2 or even continue at license level 1. “The idea is not to set the student up for failure. You need the prerequisites that will allow you to succeed,” notes Francois Mirabel.

According to Christophe Delevacq, the student should not take this requirement negatively to pass the second year of the license. “The shortest path is not necessarily the besta good zig-zag is sometimes more interesting.”

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