Lot-et-Garonne: Villeneuve-sur-Lot University Campus, birth of the “structuring tool for Villeneuvois”

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Elected officials and representatives of the university world inaugurated the Villeneuve-sur-Lot Campus, located at the beginning of avenue Bordeaux, this Tuesday, November 29. This year, the culmination of the project, enrolling more than 100 students for 2022-2023.

On this Tuesday afternoon, there were many people in front of the newly constructed building on the Bordeaux Avenue roundabout. It must be said that the meeting is an important date in the educational and economic life of the Villeneuvoise agglomeration and the Lot valley: the opening of the Villeneuve University Campus on the site of the Jeanne d’Arc school. We have already reported the arrival of the first students to the buildings that are still under construction. Everything is ready for the proper inauguration this time. Greater Villeneuvois Guillaume Lepers did not hide his pride when he greeted sub-prefect Arnaud Bourda, Maud Caruhel, vice-president of the New Aquitaine Regional Council or Olivier Pujolar, vice-president of partnerships of the University of Bordeaux. and territories. Visitors who can visit this structure will still grow.

60 Villeneuvois companies with one work-study student from campus

“This is a big step forward for young people in our area of ​​life,” said Guillaume Lepers, who launched the project based on observation: after undergraduate success rates bordering on excellence, they crash for graduate studies. “The main obstacle was economic,” continues the president-mayor. Students and their families going to the universities of Agen, Bordeaux or Paris had to deal with rent and transport. After that, the Campus allows distance learning courses – the “connected campus” concept – but also the new BTS to follow on site with the help of Sud Management, UFA47, IFLS and Oustal. “Our young people should have the same chance,” says Guillaume Lepers.

An observation shared by Maud Caruhel, vice-president of the region, sees in this structure “a way to approach higher education”, but also “to be revealed to young people” from the priority region of the City. . The Villeneuvois campus is the 9th campus to “grow” in New Aquitaine, made possible by “commitment to the territorial network” for Olivier Pujolar, vice-president of the University of Bordeaux. Training is also linked to the needs of companies in the Lot Valley. This year, for 2022-2023, more than 60 companies in Greater Villeneuvois are accepting a business study student from the Villeneuvois Campus. One of the results of a university project carried out by communities that “know better the economic ecosystem of the territory” is confirmed by the vice-president of the University of Bordeaux.

Thanks to the Campus Villeneuve, the circle to keep the youth of the Lot Valley in place for their studies and for them to work in local companies has been completed.

More than 1.5 million euros have been invested in this “university city”.

The establishment of this university campus at the gate of the Villeneuvoise bastide is also a major investment by the local authorities and the state. About 1.5 million euros were needed for the purchase of the site of the former Jeanne-d’Arc school and its renovation. This work was carried out in two stages with the support of the state (444,680 euros), the European Regional Development Fund (411,386 euros), the Region (120,000 euros) and the Department (60,000 euros). The Greater Villeneuvevois agglomeration should not be left behind as it contributed €452,952 or 30% of the project. €65,000 was invested in off-site equipment, 50% of which was financed by the Banque des Territoires. The Banque des Territoires also finances part of the Campus staff (tutor and coordinator) as well as the support provided by the University of Bordeaux (€50,000 for 5 years of support). Le Grand Villeneuvois also contributes to the students’ work convenience, as they are provided with a laptop during the course.

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