Marvelous: Rise of the Sphinx – Black Cat mod bugs told!

My daughter loves this game! So I want to rebuild its JV culture! I’m not kidding!

There are times when we have to admit that we are not the target of any game. This can affect any player in any genre of game. For example, don’t understand how you can spend hours on Fortnite… Fish? Well, ask Korganor and he will explain. Enjoy playing Football Manager or FIFA to create back-to-back seasons in Mercato mode! Well, ask Korganor… He’ll say you have grain. In short, you will understand it, the perfect “tastes and colors, non-negotiable!”, as Stefan Plaza said. And this applies more to some games than cartoons for the little ones.

I play Daft Punk

In person, the Miracle touches one without waking up. So much so that I don’t even recognize the characters and my girls ask me “who is this guy, Adrien?” I had to ask them to explain. I got a blank reply, “but it’s Chat Noir,” I finished with a laugh. I almost cut the power to the barracks and gave them soggy bread for dinner. In short, I will try to properly “rate” the game both for its (many) flaws and for its favorite part of working with children. But I warn you, Ladybug has never lived up to her name!

Shocking duo!

For those of you who don’t have kids, I’ll try to quickly explain the concept of Miracle. This is a French cartoon about the adventures of Marinette and Adrien, two students who live in Paris and have the ability to become superheroes: Ladybug and Cat Noir. Adrien has his powers thanks to the miraculous jewels that were kept by his father, a villain. As a bonus, of course, love is in the air: Marinette loves Adrien, but Adrien loves Ladybug. Yes, these two do not know their secret identities. It’s like Lois not understanding why Clark was never around when Superman sucked. In short, in Miraculous: Rise of the Sphinx, our heroes will have to defend Paris from many villains, and we will have to reveal the plan of the megavillain Papillon to crush it!

Stronger than Batman

Miraculous: Rise of the Sphinx is an action-adventure game that takes place mostly on the rooftops of Paris. We can also walk through pseudo-open Paris in corridor mode to meet characters like Marinette and Adrien and complete tasks. Also the orbs will need to be restored a bit like this old Crackdown, but hey, never mind. We will have to chain the stages of the platforms, where the camera will make us drunk to aim the platforms well, and then when we have to fight, the camera moves a little so that we can hit the villain more effectively. We feel the target audience is young as it is easy to learn. We shoot, shoot, shoot from a distance, run, do not take cabbage at all, and then go back to climbing the roofs. In total, the game offers us 6 levels and therefore 6 bad guys to crush.

come fight

Technically Marvelous: Rise of the Sphinx is, frankly, poorly done. It looks like the game is optimized on the Xbox Series… Yeah, well no. At first I believed it. We ran the game on Xbox One X, it was rough. The animations are as crazy as ever, generally ugly with soft textures and the best of the best, freezing as soon as a dialogue bubble appears on the screen. So I thought to myself, I’ll see if it’s any better on the Xbox Series X… Well, not really. All the flaws are there, we don’t feel a big difference. We can say that it is optimized… What a shame! Music and sound effects are taken from the cartoon. The French are also voiced, but it’s a shame, there are many texts, but few dubbings. As a result, it is a brake for the youngest. Everywhere there are invisible walls and ladybugs collide. There is an arrow on the screen to guide us, but it is completely broken. It’s like driving on Google Maps in the pampas without 4G. In terms of lifespan, it takes about 5 hours of gameplay to reach its end. It might still be a bit light for a €49.99 title. Fortunately, it can be played in local co-op for two. It saves furniture!

Who wants a selfie!?

Marvelous: The Rise of the Sphinx is a hit for the holiday season, I’m sure. There is no finish and we feel that there is no optimization. This is how the game should look on Nintendo Switch, it was shot on Xbox and that’s it. But… we have to admit that it appeals to children under 8 who love cartoons. The smallest do not pay attention to defects. They want an easy title with familiar characters with twinkling eyes. My 11 year old daughter thinks it’s lame, but my 6 year old daughter loves it. I found it embarrassing from a technical point of view. Putting it all together, I think the game has a score ranging from 25 to 65 out of 100. So I’m averaging and that gives it 45 points for a sloppy game that will find its audience. .He is under 8 years old.

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