National mobilization against the dismissal of a maths teacher in Nanterre

The protest movement at the Joliot-Curie high school in Nanterre is not a majority, but it is now in its third week. Since the beginning of the school year, between thirty and forty teachers (out of 160) have alternately gone on strike, while one of their colleagues, a unified mathematics teacher at Sud Éducation, Kai Tera, has been subject to the suspension of the conservatory. unclear cause.

Mobilization is rising again since the launch of a national call by the trade union Sud éducation-CGT-FO-Snes-FSU for a support rally organized in front of the Ministry of National Education this Wednesday at 15:00. The demonstration also aims to condemn other similar measures affecting unionized teachers across France, the unions said.

While unions have condemned “blatant union repression”, the Versailles rectory has defended it as a measure to “ensure the quiet operation” of the 1,600-pupil school, which was hit by “tensions” during an inspection late last year.

He opposed his transfer

The mathematics teacher suspended from Nanterre since 2006 sent a hierarchical appeal to the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye. “Usually, when you’re fired as a precaution, it’s for serious misconduct. However, this is not the case. Kai Terada assures me that my administrative file is empty. During my interview with the HRD of the academy on September 8, I was told that an offer could be made for me. transfer in the interests of the service and was offered to me as a promotion. But I stick to Joliot-Curie. This is my first job, I never wanted to change with my points, I could have already left the institution. »

during In this interview, the math teacher tried in vain to find out the reason for his dismissal. “HRD told us that the results of the 360° assessment remain confidential. The only thing we were told was that there was a huge turnover of management teams at the school. But three former directors left because they got the transfer they wanted. So I don’t really see the connection to the staff room,” continues Kai Terada.

According to the source, the scientist’s union activism appears to have spilled over into the staff room at the high school, which has been the cradle of protest and balance of power between management and teachers since May 1968. . Also, according to our information, families repeatedly complain about holidays held there. His activism may have disturbed the establishment, but this reason cannot be claimed, as it is an obstacle to trade union rights and the right to strike.

The city calls for a return to dialogue and calm

According to the school’s striking staff, the academy’s HR would have justified the action, particularly Kai Terada’s behaviour, which “may go beyond the scope of the union’s mandate”. But for them, this is neither more nor less than “silencing any debate”. So the Sud Éducation union seized the Defender of Rights to highlight “this strong presumption of union discrimination.”

Unwilling to take sides with the city of Nanterre, he sent a letter to the rectory of Versailles asking that the conflict be “resolved under the best possible conditions” and asking for “dialogue, transparency and peace”. “The municipality will not interfere with the decision involving the administration and its agent. All we want is for calm to return for the well-being of the students and their families,” said Assia Kachour, councilor in charge of secondary education in the municipality.

This Thursday, Kai Terada will know for sure whether he has been reinstated or transferred to Joliot-Curie. If the academy offers him another institution, the teacher already knows that he will proceed with the short-term suspension to prevent the implementation of the decision. As for him, the rectory of Versailles reserves the right to answer us from this date and does not want to talk before then.

The delegation was received by the ministry. This Wednesday afternoon, the ministry received eight trade union delegations and Kai Terada, referring to the decision of the Versailles Academy this Thursday. “The ministry has assured that there are no sanctions because he (Kai Terada) continues his treatment, nor is he subject to trade union repression,” colleagues and supporters of the teacher from Nanterre still do not understand his suspension.

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