Explore the Weird West in Evil West, now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Hi everyone, I’m Tomasz, Executive Producer from Flying Wild Pig bad west, our third quirky western action-adventure and action-adventure game, is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Today I would like to dive into the unique world we have created bad westand tell us what inspired the mood, environments and art of our gothic, spaghetti western horror ride.

Weird West is a niche genre in gaming, so we’re very excited about all the uncharted territory here. We’re inspired by works that take certain tropes and put a very interesting twist on them. Take, for example, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comic, which takes gothic elements and lightens them up with a laid-back protagonist.

Brian Azzarello’s Moonshine comic does something similar, mixing vampire tropes with real-life history to great effect. Another great example is Netflix’s Castlevania, where the profession of a werewolf hunter is presented in a different light by very human and sensitive characters.

In bad west, we uproot the European vampires and plant them in the American Old West. Once we did that, most of the world grew naturally and we just had to follow the weeds of our creative guts to take us to beautiful, dark and unexpected places. Vampires are in bad west they have discovered a new and dangerous power, and now the Wild West must rise or perish. The answer is a lightning-powered gauntlet developed by vampire hunter Institut Rentier, a tool that is both brutal and elegant.

The glove fits perfectly in terms of both frame and game; Vampire Hunters got something new to face the growing threat, and now we had an awesome lightning-powered melee weapon to create fast-paced, combo-based combat with a great, gory presentation. Moreover, all weapons, of course, can not forget about weapons! Shotgun, rifle and flamethrower to name a few.

The Wild West means more than rocky deserts and traditional canyons. In our strangest Wild West, sunset paints the landscape blood red, and long shadows mingle with creeping monsters. As creatures of folklore stalk the twilight, gaunt figures perform dark rituals in abandoned cabins.

bad west

We have a variety of Wild West-inspired locations wrapped in dark horror: from trains to beaches, desert cities to snowy mountains and more underground tombs, smoky industrial factories and more.

It was also important for us to increase the stakes and scale of the places as we progressed through some truly amazing stages for the Grand Finals. The dusty desert border town is a great starting point for us, but it’s also somewhat convoluted.

In terms of art direction, we changed the reality a lot to get the vibe we wanted. We want it to be recognizably familiar, but still with something that feels different. For example, to create a more gothic and twisted vibe in our Old West towns, we added an extra story or two to most buildings, along with more balconies and staircases. It has buildings towering over you while still looking like traditional western frontier towns you see in your favorite movies.

bad west

We hope you enjoyed this dive into the world bad westand what inspired it. The whole team worked hard to create the mood and style of the game. I can’t wait for you all to beat your first vampire in half. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

bad west Developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Focus Entertainment. Now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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