Evil West Review – Xbox One

After destroying all the legions of demons in our FPS series

changes the parameters slightly with the abominable demon/monster constant remaining in the equation. In effect,

is no longer an FPS, but a new game from the studio, a TPS set in an alternative Far West where humans fight against armies of vampires and other underground creatures.

It’s 19th century, and to be honest, it’s kind of crappy. You play as Jesse Rentier, the heir to the Rentier Institute, which specializes in exterminating vampires, run by your father William. In this alternate past, you are the last bastion of the dark invasion of the United States, and you will once again sing the American national anthem while perched on your triumphant eagle with powerful blows to your face. . It’s a bit like this atmosphere Evil West : a superman who uses his skills, abilities and gifts in battle to outrun his numerous opponents throughout the game’s sixteen missions.

Annuitants, those ugly fellows

Linear, corn and a little red, Evil West It’s a game to be bought as it is offered to you, which is a great stress reliever without the fuss. Whom Shadow warriors who wants to be brutal and the true side of internal organs, Evil West doesn’t spare the player on this side and provides bloody spectacle at all levels (even God of War, recently released, clearly overshadows). So in TPS, you’ll progress through the levels in an almost straight line, offering successive arenas where you’ll encounter several types of monsters. Paths aren’t just straight lines, but also offer some forks that often lead you to childish puzzles or breaking walls to access loot or environmental story objects. For once, it’s a bit pointless, as it doesn’t test the player’s intelligence and makes exploration generally useless. But let’s continue.

Evil West

Battles are obviously saltEvil West because they are at the heart of all game systems. Jesse has the chance to use several weapons, including the famous electric gauntlet, a revolver, a free-sight rifle or even a sawed-off shotgun for close combat. delicacyEvil West allowing you to fight with your hands as well as with weapons, and to be able to mix and match different strikes to create combos. For example, Jesse can charge his fist and send his opponent flying through the air before launching a volley while the monster is still suspended. There are dodges and even skills that allow him to move more on the battlefield. However, we do regret the repetitive nature of the games, as we’ll often be fighting against the same enemies (some of whom are real HP bags), and the sequence of arena gaps doesn’t necessarily help with that feeling.

Evil West

Once defeated, monsters offer a certain amount of experience that will level you up and allow Jesse to develop his skills in a relatively broad, but all very classic tree. Along the way and at the end of the battle, you will also earn dollars that allow you to unlock certain weapon features and significantly increase your combat effectiveness. This is done by increasing the damage to bullets that regenerate when you hit an enemy’s weak point. The latter will occasionally appear as a golden halo when an enemy is about to do a special attack, and you’ll have to hit it to deal a lot of damage. You’ll also be able to counter certain types of strikes or even parry enemy attacks with a melee strike. As you can see, Jesse has more than enough tools in his bag to adapt to fights and manage the enemies that can come to the arena in droves and speed.

Evil West

The game is completely co-op and lobby management is fast and very quick. The game is set up in the form of corridors and arenas, but sometimes you will have to stick to your partner to get through the transition gaps between zones, which can sometimes cause some hiccups, bugs and other glitches (but we don’t know very little). Because of this, the levels tie together very well, with their share of bosses and battles that are a bit more technical than others, and you’ll always return to your central hub, which is the headquarters of the Vampire Breaking Institute. . This is basically where you’ll meet the main characters of the game, continue your quest sequence, and even rebuild your talent tree if you want. We will also mention the presence of many cutscenes that connect the missions: even if they are too many and sometimes break the very nervous rhythm of the game, we would have liked the animations and the slightly cartoon dubbing of the various heroes.

Evil West

Technically, the game runs on a Unreal Engine 4 never overflowing or exciting: we can’t jump or deviate too much from the path laid out for us, except to take advantage of a few nice panoramas that the title offers from time to time. The explosion effects are amazing and the art direction creates a real “thing”.Evil West A title with personality, even if the Van Helsing/Gothic/Vampire Hunt side of the market has timeless themes. However, we will have recorded quite a bit of disturbing light at certain levels, forcing us to lower the gamma, thus making it difficult to progress in darker areas.

Evil West

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