Koudougou: Norbert Zongo University is hosting a special edition of the Literary Cafes of Faso (CaLiFa).

The National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Burkina Faso (ANSAL-BF) dropped its suitcases in Koudougou on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 for the special edition of the Faso Literary Cafes (CaLiFa). Through this activity, the Academy wants to see itself more in the university world of the city of red riders.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism and the Society of Authors, Writing and Knowledge Scholars (SAGES), ANASAL-BF held its first edition through its college of humanities, literature, art and culture. Literary cafes of Faso (CaLiFa) in the city of red riders. Organized on November 15 at Norbert Zongo University, CaLiFa is a literary gathering aimed at promoting Burkinabe authors and their works.

To introduce the academy to the university and the school world, to participate in the animation of literary life, but also to pay tribute to the three members of the academy from Norbert Zongo University, is the purpose of this special issue for Koudougou. Well known to students, these three individuals are none other than Pr Isa Abdoul Moumoula, Pr Afsata Paré and Pr Frédéric Ouattara from the college of humanities, literature, arts and culture.

Students mobilized for this first edition of CaLiFa

Like them, this college also brings together eminent researchers and teachers selected by their spouses in the field of humanities, arts and culture. “We decided to organize this event at the Norbert Zongo University in Koudugou to honor three members of this academy and two members of the college of humanities, literature, arts and culture,” said Pr Alain Joseph Sissao, president. college said.

For the first Literary Cafe of Faso in Koudugou, the President of Norbert Zongo University, Professor Issa Abdoul Moumoula, was delighted with the choice of his institution and his desire to honor the three members of the university of which he is a part. “I invite students to participate en masse in this demonstration and participate in the awakening of their conscience,” he hinted, applauding the latter’s strong mobilization.

Issa Abdoul Moumoula, President of Norbert Zongo University, Professor

This special issue of CaLiFa also aims to take an interest in the literature of Koudougou city to expose outstanding writers to the general public who live there. Thus, Angelina Ki / Kantiono was awarded for her works during this activity. Also, at this literary meeting, students were presented with a panel and exhibitions of the works of well-known authors, including Baba Ham.

Everything that pleases the heart of the founder of Bama Hama Literary Cafes. “I am very happy to know that eight years after I proposed the idea of ​​CaLiFa in the Ministry of Culture, the project is going on a merry way and above all, many players in the literary world have taken ownership of it. project”. He continues by expressing his satisfaction with the great mobilization of students at Norbert Zongo University.

Former Minister of Culture Baba Hama receives his certificate and trophy

It should be noted that during this special edition of literary cafes, three people became honorary members of the academy. They are Pr Salaka Sanou, Pr Alain Joseph Sissao and former Minister of Culture Bama Hama.

It should be recalled that the National Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Burkina Faso was established in June 2013 with the aim of promoting socio-economic development through science, humanities, arts and culture. It consists of five colleges including the college of science and technology; college of humanities, arts, literature and culture; College of Law, Political, Economic and Management Sciences; College of Human and Animal Health Sciences and College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, including Burkinabè members.

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