Thione Niang, From the American Dream to the African Dream

“Africa is the richest continent in the world, home to the world’s poorest people. It is impossible to continue like this. No one will come to raise Africa, it is up to us to build our history! »

Is it still necessary to remember the path taken by Senegalese Thione Niang, whose name has marked the history of his career with exemplary character and determination at the age of only 44?

Social entrepreneur, author, international speaker, farmer, who left Senegal to live the American dream and returned to the continent for more than 10 years, Thione Niang never stopped investing in supporting the continent to finally live the African dream. .

Thione Niang, leader between America and Africa

A young immigrant who arrived in New York in 2000 at the age of 22 with $20 in his pocket, it would take him 12 years to reach the top and become the under-40 co-chairman of the American President Barack’s election campaign. Obama!

After realizing this American dream, starting from scratch to flirt with the heights, he returned to Senegal and created several structures to use his education abroad for the benefit of his country and the entire continent.

He then created several structures to support youth and politics in Africa:

  • In 2006, he founded the Niang Group to provide political campaign management, communications and press relations consulting.
  • In 2009, he launched Give1, a non-governmental organization with the aim of identifying young leaders who can have a positive and impactful impact on the world of the future.
  • In 2014, he co-founded Akon Lighting Africa and Solektra International with singer Akon and Malian businessman Samba Bathily. The goal is to provide electricity to 600 million African homes and communities through sustainable solar energy.
  • Jeuf Zone was born in 2014 to meet the agricultural needs of Africa. It is an agri-commercial platform for the production, sale, distribution and conservation of agricultural products, with a preference for local products.
  • In 2019, Thione established the NIANG Institute of Agriculture and Leadership
  • In June 2021, he founded the Give1Project Digital Skills Academy in Mbour, Senegal.

Developing the African dream with “Le Thione Niang Global Tour 2022-2023”.

“Nobody is going to make Africa bigger, Africans and their diasporas must unite to do that. Together we can reshape history.”

It was during his 2021 tour of Europe, the United States, South America, and Canada that he saw that there are still real cultural similarities between Africa and its diaspora. He further concludes that this relationship can definitely help unite communities in a common goal: to develop an autonomous, stable and dynamic Africa!

According to him, the diaspora is obliged to support the development of the continent by sharing the knowledge acquired abroad. And this is the mission he has given himself since September, touring several countries to spread this message with his “Thione Niang Global Tour”.

Last month, he met with the diaspora in the French cities of Rwanda, Washington, Ottawa, Kinshasa, Reunion, and Casablanca. Later Guadeloupe, Toronto, France, Marrakech, Belgium, Colombia and Brazil are planned.

In March 2023, he is planning a major tour of the continent to meet as many decision-makers as possible and encourage young Africans.

Thione Niang’s Afro Global Connect connecting Africa and its diasporas

You have a global afro connection

From Europe to Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, the Arab world, North America and Australia, Thione Niang has intervened in over 100 countries, at the world’s largest universities or conferences to share his vision of leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Aware of the fame he now has and the connections he’s been able to make on his travels, Thione Niang wants to facilitate this connection between Africa and its diasporas by creating a networking platform.

“In each of my interventions, I meet from two hundred to two thousand people, and I would like all these people to be able to connect to develop projects, support each other financially, socially, and ideologically. »

So he created Afro Global Connect, an online platform where outstanding leaders of all ages, passionate Afro-generation, changemakers and rising stars meet. The goal is to present the best of the diaspora, to exchange contacts and ideas, to create strong and effective relationships.

There is no doubt that the African Dream is on the move and Thione Niang has a big role to play!

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