already -500 euro promotion on 4K OLED LG TV

BLACK FRIDAY TV. Ahead of the official start of Black Friday 2022, shock promotions are now available at online retailers on premium TVs.

[Mis à jour le 15 novembre 2022 à  18h05] TV promotions will develop online for Black Friday 2022, especially on well-known shopping sites such as Fnac, Rakuten or CDiscount. Black Friday commercial operation has not yet officially started, the first offers were announced on Friday, November 18. However, promotions are already running on the edge of Black Friday. starting with Shocking discount on LG 4K OLED TV offered by Rakuten : luxury TV for sale -29%, i.e. 1199 euros instead of 1690 euros.

Among the new deals we spotted ahead of Black Friday at ElectroDépôt are the following 58-inch 4K TVs: television TCL 58P631, is offered for 399 euros instead of the usual price of 459 euros, i.e. More than 50 euros discount. As for Samsung 55Q70B 4K UHD QLED TV, it’s already on sale at Rakuten and Boulanger for close to €1,000 regular price, or -30% off €699. Access these deals in the “Cheap Black Friday TV” and “Black Friday Samsung TV” sections of the roundup above, respectively!

The best Black Friday HD TVs under $1,000

Black Friday offers serious savings on TVs that often sell for over €1,000 and are offered at even more attractive prices. Promotions in the market for HD TVs under 500 euros are also quite interesting, with discounts up to -30%.

The best cheap TVs on Black Friday

Black Friday brought down the prices of cheap TVs, with prices rarely falling below €400 or even €200 on TVs.

TVs priced between €1,000 and €1,500 are always at the center of a small price war, and the competition gets even stronger on Black Friday. During the last edition, we found great promotions and significant discounts on this target: TVs that you need to budget for, but without going too high.

The best high-end Black Friday TVs

It’s no secret that the most expensive TVs are often the best. They have state-of-the-art technologies that provide a completely different picture and sound quality than TVs sold in the market for less than 2000 euros. But not all deals are created equal, even in this high-end market: that’s why you need to compare what’s on sale on Black Friday.

Samsung TVs on Black Friday

Samsung TVs are in high demand during Black Friday. And for the last Black Friday, Samsung took the lead and offered exciting deals on its high-end TVs. Samsung TVs are likely to see new deals for Black Friday 2022 this year.

TVs are on sale on Black Friday. Be vigilant and compare different offers before buying. It is very useful to compare prices on different online sales platforms; sometimes some sellers exaggerate the scale of discounts.

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