Ocean of Stars: A Vision of Divine Power

This Star Ocean 6 presents an unprecedented story for the series tri-Ace : So a character from a technologically advanced planet lands on another, less advanced planet. Two protagonists are in the game, knowing that each brings a different perspective to the story. So we find Raymond and the local princess Laetitia stranded on the planet after their ship is attacked. However, they both have a common goal, which is to find someone and therefore decide to team up to go faster. Of course, this initial postulate will quickly break down and turn into something bigger and more important than it seems at first glance. In short, JRPG, what.

Your princess lives on another planet

Moreover, this very clichéd aspect of a JRPG is found in many other aspects of it Star Ocean: Divine Power, starting of course with characters that fit the stereotypes we’ve found all these years. For example, Raymond is a great hero, Laeticia is a princess/warrior/shy, and her bodyguard is a suspicious and loyal character that we find very classic in most games of this genre. It’s certainly not a crippling flaw, but we’d still appreciate more variety in the future, something some other JRPGs have managed to break free of for a few years now.

However, this whole little world is generally very cute, different characters slowly join this group, of course it is quite nice to follow the story from one side or the other, even the lack of New Game+ does not necessarily make you want to do everything again. Obviously a JRPG also tells a lot of dialogue and other cutscenes to explore, Star Ocean 6 not an exception to the rule. Sometimes you need to be patient, these transitions last for long minutes and can be associated with rhythm damage. For example, it’s not uncommon to watch a cutscene, skip to a fight, and continue in another scene. Fortunately, everything is fully translated into French and includes fun little touches, the inhabitants of these two planets do not necessarily understand each other on all subjects.

Star Ocean: Divine Power

Ocean tales

On the other hand, we regret that the staging (which is already incredible) is penalized by the technical aspect of it. Star Ocean: Divine Powerit is not equal to other current productions, regardless of their arrival Square-Enix or not. Apart from the happy or unwilling chara design, we end up with really stiff and unnatural animations, relatively empty and flat environments, with no real personality or even frequent frame rate drops. Too bad, we feel that the multi-gen release penalizes the next-gen versions, even though the art direction that combines new technologies and medieval works fortunately very well. On the other hand, the sound aspect, the music and the dubbing (in Japanese) are of very good quality.

Star Ocean: Divine Power

A JRPG is a story and a character, but also a lot of combat. And the latter, of course, are numerous Star Ocean 6, favors real-time action. The player leads his character within a team, the other heroes are controlled by the AI, and he uses action points to launch his special attacks (three can be equipped per character), as suggested by the latter. Tales. Although it is often confusing, it is frustrating and quite enjoyable, and it is important to switch from one character to another in order not to break the rhythm of the confrontations, the action points are very few and empty very quickly. We can also rely on the help of a small robot that activates special abilities (haste, temporary paralysis of opponents, increased defense, etc.), which helps exploration by allowing the player to fly temporarily. A robot that we enjoy using and that gives more energy to action.

Star Ocean: Divine Power

where are my glasses

Once a monster enters the map, the battle starts automatically and often ends quite quickly. This makes things both pretty easy and very repetitive, especially if you learn very quickly what the best combos are to pull off and master them. Still, new characters arrive regularly to add some freshness to the whole. Of course, not forgetting the skill tree, which unlocks new things again when you spend points on it. Anyway, as far as we can see there, all the text is just MINUSCULES an ocean of stars, without the ability to grow them. Considering the amount of things to read in this title, this option wouldn’t be much… Not to mention the menus that are both sexy and not very ergonomic, forcing you to go back and forth through sub-menus.

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