Iran: new demonstrations in universities and Kurdistan

DOn Sunday, new protests were held in universities in Iran and the Kurdish regions in the northwest of the country, and the protest movement against the regime showed no sign of stopping despite the repression.

The protests that began on September 16 with the killing of Iranian Kurdish girl Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the police have become the biggest wave of protests in the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

According to a non-governmental organization based outside Iran, protests for women’s liberation have turned into a movement against the Islamic regime, pouring into the streets, universities and even schools, despite the death toll approaching 200.

According to Hengaw, an organization that defends the rights of Iranian Kurds based in Norway, security forces opened fire in Marivan, Kurdistan on Sunday, injuring 35 people. That assessment could not be immediately confirmed.

Protesters gathered in Tehran after the killing of Kurdish student Nasrin Qadri from Marivan. Hengav died on Saturday after being shot in the head by the police.

Tension in Kurdistan

Also, according to Hengau, the girl was buried without a ceremony at dawn at the insistence of the authorities, who were afraid of excesses.

The images circulated on social networks showed demonstrators throwing stones at official buildings and burning the flag of the Islamic Republic. Residents, including topless women, marched through the streets.

Authorities sent reinforcements and gunfire was heard in the city after dark, Hengaw added.

The situation in Kurdistan became particularly tense after the death of Masha Ami from the city of Saghez, which is located in this province.

The 22-year-old girl died three days after she was arrested by the morality police in Tehran, where she was visiting.

Universities have become one of the main protest centers. According to the Norway-based Iran Human Rights NGO (IHR), students at Sharif University in Tehran staged a sit-in on Sunday in support of other arrested students.

IHR reported that students at Babol University in northeastern Iran removed the barriers separating men and women in the cafeteria by law.

At least 186 people have been killed in the crackdown on protests since September, according to a report published by the IHR on Saturday.

According to the group, 118 people were killed in another protest movement that began on September 30 after a police officer allegedly raped a young girl in Zahedan, Sistan-Baluchistan province.

This impoverished region in southeastern Iran is home to the discriminated Baloch minority, who adhere mainly to Sunni Islam rather than to Shi’ism, which dominates Iran.

Security forces opened fire on protesters in Khach, near Zahedan, as fresh violence erupted in the province on Friday, NGOs said.

Ten people may have been killed and dozens injured, according to Amnesty International, which accused security forces of firing on protesters from the roof.

IHR announced that 16 people were shot after the Friday prayer at the Cross.


Mahmoud Amiri-Moghaddam, director of this NGO, said: “Iranians continue to take to the streets and are more determined than ever to make radical changes.” “The Islamic Republic’s response is more violence,” he added.

According to NGOs, thousands of people, including journalists, lawyers, activists and celebrities, have been arrested in Iran since the movement began.

According to IHR, “dozens” of arrested protesters have been charged with crimes that warrant the death penalty.

Of particular concern is the fate of Hossein Ronagi, a freedom-of-speech activist and Wall Street Journal contributor who was arrested in September, whose family announced that he was on hunger strike in Tehran’s Evin prison.

Hasan, the brother of Hossein Ronaghi, said on his Twitter account that the father of the activist, Ahmed, suffered a heart attack during the rally near the prison and was in intensive care.

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