Climate: How Emmanuel Macron tries to look like a good student at COP27 or on Twitter

Emmanuel Macron tried to wear the suit of a “model” student in the fight against climate change at COP27 in Egypt on Monday in front of activists already frustrated by the start of a five-year term.

Arriving at the UN climate summit held in Sharm el-Sheikh, the president assured that Europe and France are on the right “trajectory” to achieve their “goals” regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. And he pointed his finger elsewhere.

We should have the US and China that are really there“this”fight“he guessed.”Europeans pay“But”we are the only ones paying“and therefore it is necessary”putting pressure on rich non-European countries, telling them “you have to pay your share”, he insisted.

The head of state, of course, defended the financial solidarity with the poor countries affected by the devastating effects of global warming, but with a “card” game.concrete solutions», not a new fund that many of them are calling for, like the Great Green Wall in the Sahel.

His rousing speech on the international stage will be followed by practical work on a national scale in Paris this Tuesday, November 8: a meeting at the Elysée with French industrialists, the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, to encourage them to step up their work.decarbonization“. At the same time, in a video on Twitter, Emmanuel Macron undertook to answer the questions of the French about the “environmental challenge” this week.

“Twice Fast”

After a controversial first term on environmental issues, he promised to go one step further. Second five-year termit will be ecological or not“, he started in April, aiming to go “twice as fastreduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Elysée, we put forward the first results to show that actions are meeting promises, such as the vigilance plan that already makes this possible.”save 10% on our energy“, a vote in the Senate on a bill on wind turbines and photovoltaics, even if it is not passed by the National Assembly – or the introduction of a text to accelerate nuclear energy.

Not only that, but respond to the naysayers of the left and the environmentalists with a chorus.

During an exchange with young Africans committed to the climate and the French in Sharm el-Sheikh, the president of the republic was questioned about the lack of real taxes on the “record profits” of energy groups.

These profits are a crime, a crime against humanity“said Nathan Méténier, one of the UN Secretary General’s young advisors on climate change. “I don’t understand how“this”redistributionThe French activist added that this can be considered a “radical debate”.

“I completely agree with your description“Emmanuel Macron responded. Getting in touch immediately, explaining that the taxes would only make sense on a global scale, he guaranteed he would “fight on”.

I’m like you, I don’t like fossil fuels.” he also claimed. home dependent to death on fossil fuels», “It is not true that we will get rid of it in six months“.

A decision last week by the National Assembly, trapped by amendments it has yet to pass to increase aid for heating repairs by 12 billion euros, demonstrated the executive’s lack of real will in the eyes of the left. apartment.

The government had great opportunities to help the working class“To face this challenge, however, he deprived himself of it “With 49.3 innings” To approve the 2023 budget without a vote, laments Clément Sénéchal of the Greenpeace association.

Anne Bringault of Réseau Action Climat also notes that despite the condemnation of France’s greenhouse gas emissions, “climate inactivity“, is always “far” from the “good trajectory”.

And despite this Since the beginning of this five-year period, a number of measures harmful to the climate have been implemented “, he adds, support for the reopening of the Saint-Avold coal-fired power station, the new LNG terminal project at Le Havre, fuel for all” more affluent families benefited »…

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