PS5, Xbox or Switch for Christmas? Is it realistic to consider offering a console?

PHILIP FONG / AFP For many gamers, the Grail: PlayStation 5 will be notable for not being under the Christmas tree this year.

INFLATION – If the video game industry has had good years since the Covid-19 pandemic, the end of 2022 could be a real setback for the console sector. In Christmas 2022, the three main manufacturers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be in a fierce battle to get their chosen place under the gamer’s tree, as they do every year.

But in the context of rampant inflation, coupled with material shortages, getting a PlayStation, Xbox or Switch under the tree may be more complicated than expected.

Always more expensive

Two years after the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series, getting hold of the popular last-gen consoles still seems like an obstacle course. The rarity of the PS5 has become a joke on social media. While gamers jumped on it when it was released, since then the console has struggled to find its footing in the market due to a massive shortage of components that has prevented the production of new machines.

As revealed by the specialized site The Verge In February, a significant production loss of 6.5 billion gigabytes of NAND memory, the technology used for SD cards and SSD hard drives – available in the next generation of consoles – has dramatically slowed the production of new PS5s, enough to see Sony. restart PlayStation 4 production to fix this shortcoming.

In addition to this disadvantage, there are less attractive selling prices in the context of generalized inflation. Starting with the price of certain games on next-gen consoles: when they go on sale in late September, the game FIFA 23 Available on PS5 and Xbox Series for €80, i.e. 10 euros more expensive than opus ” 22 issued last year, increased by 14.3% in one year.

After more than ten years of price stability in the video game market, a phenomenon that began to be noted among players was recalled. echoes. Hence the blockbuster God of War: RagnarokExpected for November 9, 2022, the new one will cost around 80 euros, while its 2018 predecessor cost between 50 and 70 euros.

A general increase in prices on major video game licenses (called Triple-A “) added to the very high selling price of the consoles, even higher than in the past: 549.99 euros for the PS5, after an increase of 50 euros due to inflation, against 499.99 euros for the Xbox Serie X. It is possible, however. To find the last born from Sony used in a few clicks, but for an exorbitant amount: from 700 to 1000 euros for a used PS5 on some sites.

An example of a PS5 model sold on Rakuten for €700.

An example of a PS5 model sold on Rakuten for €700.

An example of a PS5 model sold on LeBonCoin advertising site for 700 euros.

Screenshot of Le Bon Coin An example of a PS5 model sold on LeBonCoin advertising site for 700 euros.

And in the end, the Switch wins

Despite the same console since 2017 and an optimized version called “OLED” released in October 2021, the Nintendo Switch now seems to be the only ideal candidate to decorate the legs of the Christmas tree.

A trend that seems to be confirmed in time since 2021, the small console of the Japanese manufacturer was already the best-seller in France, with approximately 1,231,000 units sold, far ahead of its two competitors: 600,000 PS5 and 214,000 Xbox Series sold. Last year, according to information provided by the Leisure Software Publishers Syndicate (SELL) and the Ludostrie site.

More family-friendly and offering an incredible price (about 260 euros for the classic version), the Japanese manufacturer’s portable home console stands out, even if it suffers from the same scarcity phenomenon as its competitors, in addition to very strong demand. .

The only downside: the planned obsolescence of the joycons, these little controllers essential for playing the Switch sell for an average price of 65 euros. By UFC Que Choisir Nintendo has announced about this glitch for several years ” Repair Nintendo Switch controllers for free and hassle-free, even out of warranty “. But in 2020, the problem still persists, according to a consumer association that filed a complaint against the Japanese giant. planned obsolescence “.

However, the Switch maintains its unshakable status as Christmas approaches. The proof of this is the list of the best-selling video games in 2021: if FIFA 22 It takes first place with 1.59 million sales, followed by the five-year-old Switch game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe With 503,150 sales (not counting digital sales), it’s a small feat for a racing game released in 2017.

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