Cambrai: Four conferences with Free Time University in November

With 800 members, the Cambrésis Free Time University association, chaired by Patrick Roussel, aims to reach 1,000 members by the end of December. There’s nothing like an enticing program to attract new recruits, and the November program at the City Theater is exactly that.

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Tuesday, November 8 at 3:00 p.m., is the story of Martha Desrumaux, to be remembered by Laurence Dubois, president of the association “Les ami(e)s de Martha Desrumaux”. Apart from her story, the speaker will invite us to think about Martha Desrumaux joining the Pantheon. A textile worker from the north, one of the main figures of the labor movement and resistance in France, this feminist will dedicate her existence to the service of the most vulnerable. In the interwar period, Marta Desrumaux never stopped wanting to make the voice of the working class and women heard. The textile worker from the North, who joined a trade union at the age of 13, fought throughout the 20th century for the advances that allowed the current French social model to emerge. Its activities will always be aimed at improving the working and living conditions of the humble. After the liberation of the Ravensbrück concentration camp, where she had been deported, in 1945 she was elected among the first sixteen women representatives of the Consultative Assembly. But forty years after her disappearance, Martha Desrumeau’s name is still absent from most history books. …

Tuesday, November 15 at 3:00 p.m. UTL invites you to travel more than a journey: Pierre-Marie Hubert takes you on a journey in the footsteps of Charles Darwin for his sixth visit to Cambrai. He chose to cover the same spaces as kayaking and hiking to understand the path of his amazing thinking with the support of scientists…

Patagonia. – VDN

At the end of South America, Patagonia looks like a desert, but it is also a mountainous area swept by fierce winds. In 1834, the young naturalist Charles Darwin began work as a naturalist on the ship HMS Beagle. Originally planned for two years, the expedition will last five years and it will make amazing discoveries. His first questions about the origin and evolution of species were invented in this land at the end of the world. A very interesting approach and also the opportunity to get close to the Gauchos, discover the wonders of the FitzRoy, Torres Del Paine and Perito Moreno glaciers. Come and feel Darwin’s breath…

Tuesday, November 22 at 3:00 p.m. You are offered another journey as interesting as it is: Patrick De Wever takes you into the heart of a secret world that evolves over time. Microfossils are misunderstood because they are invisible. In our daily life, not a day goes by without us touching or using them. This invisible world is even more surprising because, although it is small, it has affected the rocky and gaseous environment of our planet for billions of years.


This testifies to the evolution of living organisms, their forms are endlessly diverse, aesthetic, but to whom and for what? Maybe just to live. This conference on these wondrous microfossils is an ode to the living and an apology to the reticent. Originally from Cambrésis, Patrick De Wever is a geologist and professor at the National Museum of Natural History. He is also a member of the Standing Conference on Geological Heritage in the Ministry responsible for sustainable development.

Tuesday, November 29 at 3:00 p.m., lead the way to music by Antonio Vivaldi, the last flame of the Venetian Baroque. Also, UTL’s highly regarded permanent member, musicologist and teacher Jean-Marc Onkelinx from Liège, will offer a colorful journey into the heart of the Serenissima. Antonio Vivaldi is one of the last composers of the Baroque period.


His language, inherited from the spirit of Venice, offers constant virtuosity and emotion, a unique musical color that stands out among all. A master of all disciplines, from opera to sacred music through sonata and concerto, he manages to update the genres he approaches with joy and often with humor in his laboratory, the Ospedale della Pietà, a famous orphanage for young girls! “The Red Priest” is one of the most popular composers for music lovers today, even if we had to wait until the beginning of the 20th century to rediscover him!

At the Théâtre de Cambrai, every Tuesday at 3 p.m. Sessions are open to the general public at a cost of €5. Entry is free for all members after paying an annual membership fee of €28.

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