Updates on the new model available in France

The new PS5 is available in France. Lighter and less power consuming, the third generation of Sony’s star console features a new AMD Oberon Plus processor etched in 6nm. But it’s more expensive…

The new version of PS5, which players are especially waiting for, has arrived in France! The PS5 2022, which has been on the market for a few weeks in Australia, is registered CFI-1202A for the standard version and CFI-1202B for the full digital version. However, according to information collected by WinFuture, to get it, you need to buy a very special package: God of War: Ragnarok. Hilarious incentive to buy, especially since the PlayStation 5 is still hard to find, regularly being looted as soon as stocks are replenished!

PS5 2022: significant hardware changes

It should be noted that the third generation of Sony’s new star console is lighter than the previous one, 600 g less. However, the most noticeable change is the electronics. Indeed, the PlayStation 5 2022 benefits from a new processor, the AMD Oberon Plus, engraved at 6 nm, replacing the AMD Oberon 7 nm compatible with the older model. A significant result of these changes: the console consumes less energy and is more discreet. According to the first tests, the third generation of the Sony console requires 20-30 W less power. Thus, it heats up less, which allowed the manufacturer to equip it with a lighter and therefore less noisy ventilation system. Small assets that count on a daily basis, especially during a busy time when every watt counts…

play station 5 : prices increased by 50

For gamers looking forward to getting their hands on Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5 will be more difficult to purchase. Indeed, although stocks have regularly sold out since the start of the pandemic, the Japanese manufacturer announced prices from today in a press release published on its blog on August 25. PS5 increase. The coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine continue to negatively impact a number of industries, causing shortages and resulting cost increases.

Sony explains it “The global economic environment is a challenge many of you are no doubt familiar with around the world. We are seeing high global inflation rates as well as unfavorable monetary trends affecting consumers and putting pressure on many industries. Due to these dire economic conditions, EIS made the difficult decision to increase the recommended retail price (RRP) PlayStation 5 in select markets. A way for the company to protect its margins, but at the same time continue to exclude potential players.

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Specifically, the classic edition PS5 Includes CD support – from €499.99 to €549.99 – 10% increase – and the digital edition is now offered for €449.99 instead of €399.99 – 12% increase. In both cases, consoles increase by €50. In addition to Europe, this price increase also affects the UK, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada. The announcement is effective immediately, with the exception of Japan, where the new tariffs will take effect on September 15. Ironically, the United States is not worried about this.

This decision is quite unprecedented in the video game market, as consoles are usually sold less and cheaper. But note that PS5even in its classic edition, it’s still cheaper than the PS3 when it was released – WHO it was worth it 600 €. Nevertheless, Microsoft may well use the opportunity to win back some potential gamers who might be tempted by the Xbox. Series S – 300 € – or Xbox Series X – 500 € – provided the manufacturer maintains its prices. Especially since Xbox The game The Pass is more affordable than the new PlayStation Plus.

The PS5 shortage: a situation that benefits sellers

This is a double jeopardy for players trying to get their hands on the console. No only them I have been struggling to find it for several years, but rather they will have to pay more. Some may want to wait for inflation to pass – it might take a while anyway – but there is no indication that Sony will return to its original prices in the future. However, the manufacturer promises that “While this growth is necessary in the current economic environment, it remains our priority improve the logistics of PS5 so that more and more players can get it and enjoy the experience PS5 will bid and bid.

All of his assumptions will please sellers who use bots – software programmed to perform certain tasks automatically without the need for manual activation by the user – to obtain in large quantities PS5 every time the stock is replenished. A technique that then allows them to sell them at high prices on the second-hand market or parallel networks such as Amazon, eBay and Rakuten creates a kind of black market. For example, searching on Amazon, we see that Sony’s console is still sold out and is only “available” from “individuals” for prices above 750 euros. As of this writing, the offers on Rakuten even go above €1,400! Real madness!

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