Fortnite: 10 tips to know for a good start in 2022

Fortnite has become a phenomenon in the world of video games and we can be sure that we will find this game at the top for a long time to come. So if you want to get started, here are some tips to quickly grow as a beginner.


  • 1. Choose a spawn location based on your abilities
  • 2. Consider recycling materials
  • 3. Always monitor the development of the storm
  • 4. Build practice
  • 5. Pay attention to the sounds around us
  • 6. Know the most dangerous areas of the map
  • 7. Pay attention to doors when approaching buildings
  • 8. Act unexpectedly
  • 9. Improve the target with Creative Maps
  • 10. Adapt the inventory to the situations that will arise

1. Choose a spawn location based on your abilities

The first choice you’ll have to make when playing Fortnite for the first time is choosing your spawn location, in other words where you’ll land, and while it may seem easy, it’s actually much more complicated than that.

Indeed, in the previous article, we gave you the best spawn locations for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, but if these spawn locations are interesting for experienced players, it’s a different story for gamers.

Indeed, these places attract a lot of people and you risk not spending a good portion by going there. So what we recommend you to do is to prefer quiet areas first to start understanding the game mechanics of Fortnite.

Once you get used to it, go to cities with a little more people. If you’re still doing well, this time you’re ready to hit those cities with competition, but with quality gear.

2. Consider recycling materials

Often when you start playing Fortnite, especially if you’ve played other Battle Royales before, one of the reflexes you’ll have is to focus on collecting weapons. With the exception of Fortnite isn’t just about fighting, it’s about building.

Therefore, every opportunity to recover materials is good. That way, you’ll always be sure to have some on hand, and you won’t run out of steam at the worst possible moment, when an opponent engages you.

Finally, be aware that when you farm, a blue circle appears over the objects you destroy. Touch this level and you will see that the collection will go faster. It’s silly, but it saves you precious seconds in the end.

3. Always monitor the development of the storm

One of the elements we find in every Battle Royale is the storm or whatever it’s called, it has the role of reducing the size of the game air so that there is always a satisfactory concentration of players on the map. But this information is very important.

This tip should be taken for granted if you’ve played a Battle Royale game before, but if this is your first, always remember to follow the evolution of the storm. Indeed, every time a new stage comes, open the map and look for where you are and where the storm ends.

That way, you’ll avoid the frustration many newbies experience, which is spending your entire game running to prevent the storm from catching up to them. These games then usually end in death due to this storm or internal damage caught by other players waiting on the edge of the straggler storm.

4. Build practice

One of the central elements of Fortnite is building, but if you’re coming from another Battle Royale, you might be tempted to tell yourself you’ve got what it takes to get through with a good cause. This is partly true, but also false.

Indeed, what will be your surprise when you see a player build quickly enough to protect himself and beat you when he has less quality than you. you would understand buildings should not be underestimated and vice versa, you have to train yourself to quickly build something to protect yourself.

For this, you will be able to take advantage of the creative mode of the game called “Battle Lab”. Here the collection of resources is greatly accelerated it will allow you to harvest enough to practice building and thus improve quickly.

Fortnite: 10 tips to know for a good start in 2022

5. Pay attention to the sounds around us

Another element that is very important to consider when you are new to Fortnite is just the sounds that surround you. Indeed, these are not just to look good allows you to fill in important information.

For example, we can talk about chests that emit a sound that you should quickly recognize. This will quickly let you know if the area you’re searching still has chests and therefore quality gear to offer you.

Likewise, with sound, you’ll be able to hear some interesting information such as gunfire, which will let you know at what distances your opponents are or what weapons they’re using later. You can also rely on footsteps to detect nearby enemies that you will hear. In short, the sound is the main element and we recommend you to play with headphones to hear them better.

6. Know the most dangerous areas of the map

A little while ago we told you that in order to be more efficient and avoid certain dangerous areas, you need to be aware of the progress of the storm in Fortnite at all times, but what exactly are these dangerous areas? Well, we’ll often find both.

The first is the center of the map for the simple reason that if you’re there, there’s a very good chance you’re still in the next safe zone, which allows you to avoid spinning too much. That is why it is a favorite place for many players.

Another dangerous place is the edge of the future safe zone, because inevitably players know that there will be a transition at this level. So every now and then you’ll find teams ready to catch up and use the pressure of the storm to rack up some kills.

Fortnite: 10 tips to know for a good start in 2022

7. Pay attention to doors when approaching buildings

Doors are an extremely important element when you play Battle Royale for a very simple reason, At the beginning of the game, all doors are closed. If you find one open in your adventures, it means that someone has entered this building.

Therefore, it gives you important information, which means that all the quality loot has already been purchased without a doubt. Also, if you want to go in, you can potentially run into enemies. Be careful, just because the door is closed doesn’t mean no one is inside.

Indeed, players can simply close them from behind. Similarly, items can be destroyed in Fortnite, the player can simply open a hole behind the house. Finally, to check if players have do not hesitate to look for the presence of structures This is the second sign that will tell you 100% of the presence of players at once.

8. Act unexpectedly

We’ve seen it from the beginning, spins in Fortnite aren’t something that can be improvised, and doing well often means pulling a needle out of your leg. But if it’s good to position yourself well, it’s better for you to do it the right way.

Indeed, often the mistake many beginners make is to rotate considering only the places of arrival and not the places they have passed. Thus, there is a risk of falling directly on the players who will kill them.

So, we have some tips for you to avoid this. The first is to avoid exposure as often as possible. If this is not possible, adjust your movements with irregular intervals or even skipping by not running in a straight line to avoid shots that are too easy for snipers. Finally, try to avoid big cities where enemies may be lurking in buildings.

Fortnite: 10 tips to know for a good start in 2022

9. Improve the target with Creative Maps

Building is certainly important in Fortnite, but just as good aim alone won’t save you, the same goes for building. That’s the problem Considering we are in a Battle Royale game, the shooting experience is complex.

However, there are several solutions that allow you to practice. Among these solutions is the Team Rumble mode, which allows players to respawn when killed and makes it easier for you to test weapons.

Another way to perform these tests is to use creative islands, some of which have been created specifically to be able to perform these types of exercises. This applies to SNGMath goal training for example. get there just enter the following code in creative mode: 2766-8535-4911

10. Adapt the inventory to the situations that will arise

Over the seasons, Fortnite has gotten a lot of weapons and items, and it’s not always easy to find your way. Then we often tend to buy a little bit of everything and find ourselves a little lost, which leads to complex situations at stake.

So here is what we offer to help you. Keep at least one slot for short-range weapons, whether it’s an SMG or a shotgun. Then keep a second slot for medium-range weapons or, more likely, assault rifles or snipers.

Finally, at least make sure a space or two to be able to carry healing and shielding items so you can avoid a potential fight. Eventually, you’ll be able to pick up items like grenades to help you in battle in the remaining slots.

Fortnite: 10 tips to know for a good start in 2022

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